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Have you played… Spin Rhythm XD?

Rhythm games lose something when they don’t come bundled with a peripheral, I think. There’s something about a physical controller, custom built to emulate the action the game revolves around, that lends games a level of credibility you lose the second you try and play it with a regular pad. Playing Guitar Hero with an Xbox 360 controller feels like trying to paint a bedroom wall using a spoon. You’ll get there eventually, but if anyone spots you through a window they’ll rightly assume you’re some kind of deviant. Read more

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Activision CEO says he had a “really cool vision” for the next Guitar Hero game

Unfortunately, the firm didn’t have the resources to do it. Acivision CEO Bobby Kotick has always had a soft spot for the Guitar Hero games and recently told VentureBeat he had ideas for a new entry in the franchise. In the interview, Kotick tells VentureBeat that he had a “really cool vision” for the next Guitar Hero game, but unfortunately, Activision didn’t have “the resouces” to do it. “Phil [Spencer] and I started riffing on things for the future,” said Kotick. “I wanted to make a new Guitar Hero for a while, but I don’t want to add teams to…