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horizon-forbidden-west-first-gameplay-preview-goes-deep-on-overhauled-combat-and-exploration VG247

Horizon Forbidden West first gameplay preview goes deep on overhauled combat and exploration

Aloy’s pilgrimage to the eponymous Forbidden West is going to give you more freedom to explore and make you feel deadlier in combat Horizon Forbidden West is due to release in a couple of weeks, and ahead of the game coming to PS4 and PS5 consoles, we’re starting to see the first hands-on impressions of the game hit the internet. As expected, initial impressions suggest this is a game that goes above and beyond the scope of the 2017 original, showcasing Guerrilla Games’ remarkable use of tech and improving on the foundations that the previous game set up so thoroughly….

horizon-forbidden-west-is-actually-getting-me-excited-for-underwater-levels VG247

Horizon Forbidden West is actually getting me excited for underwater levels

Everyone knows that water levels are where games go to die, but I think Guerrilla Games might actually manage to make the hated game design trope bearable Have you too been scarred by the sound of Sonic the Hedgehog drowning after that frantic countdown music starts playing? Have you huffed and sighed in frustration as Lara Croft bonked uselessly against an underwater wall in a cave for the 800th time? Have you rolled your eyes and turned off your PlayStation after making Crash Bandicoot eat submerged nitro, again, in your best Time Trial run to date? Then you probably hate…