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guerrilla-subtly-confirms-a-new-horizon-game-as-its-studio-director-moves-on VG247

Guerrilla subtly confirms a new Horizon game as its studio director moves on

Though don’t expect to see anything anytime soon. To the surprise of no one, Guerrilla Games has basically confirmed that another Horizon game starring Aloy is on the way. Earlier today Guerrilla Games shared a blog post announcing that studio director and executive producer Angie Smets is leaving the developer after 20 years to join PlayStation Studios as head of development strategy. The post obviously wished Smets well in her new role, but it also pretty nonchalantly confirmed that Aloy will be returning for another Horizon game at some point. “We have full confidence in our new leadership as they…

february-playstation-plus-leak-claims-horizon,-re7,-borderlands-3-and-scarlet-nexus-coming-to-game-catalogue VG247

February PlayStation Plus leak claims Horizon, RE7, Borderlands 3 and Scarlet Nexus coming to game catalogue

A decent selection of PS Plus games in February. Horizon Forbidden West, Borderlands 3, Scarlet Nexus and Resident Evil 7 are coming to the PlayStation Plus games catalogue, according to a reputable leaker. These are expected to join the service on February 21. This information comes from Billbil-kun, who has previously released accurate lists of upcoming PS Plus titles. With that being said, it’s worth taking all unofficial reveals of this nature with a grain of salt. Check out the trailer for Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores here! Each of these games are decent at worst and excellent at best,…

horizon-mmo-could-be-in-the-works-at-guild-wars-publisher-ncsoft Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Horizon MMO could be in the works at Guild Wars publisher NCsoft

Aloy might not be the only person battling giant robot dinosaurs for much longer if a report that a Horizon MMO is in development is on the nose. Korean site MTN claim Sony are teaming up with Guild Wars publishers NCsoft to create a massively multiplayer take on Guerilla Games’ sci-fi action RPG. This partnership to create new games isn’t just limited to Horizon either, MTN’s source alleges. Read more

guerrilla-games-is-killing-killzone-by-shutting-down-multiplayer-servers-for-two-games VG247

Guerrilla Games is killing Killzone by shutting down multiplayer servers for two games

Servers for RIGS are also going offline. All things must come to an end, this time the multiplayer servers for a couple of Killzone titles, and RIGS: Mechanized Combat League. Earlier this week, Guerrilla announced on Twitter that online servers would be shutting down for a couple of Killzone games. “On 12 August 2022, online servers for Killzone: Mercenary, Killzone Shadow Fall (including Intercept Mode) and RIGS: Mechanized Combat League will shut down. Online features (including online multiplayer modes) will cease on that date,” reads the tweet. But single player modes will still be available. RIGS is the most recent…

horizon-forbidden-west-review:-another-beautiful-string-to-aloy’s-bow,-despite-some-open-world-drawbacks VG247

Horizon Forbidden West review: Another beautiful string to Aloy’s bow, despite some open world drawbacks

You’ve just slid under a robotic elephant’s tusk as it tried to gore you with the entirety of its 10-tonne-plus weight. Some of your flowing red hair caught the tip of its kevlar tusk. But that hasn’t phased you; you look up, pull out an explosive spear and jam it under the beast’s jaw. A dodge roll to safety, a quick sprint behind a nearby knoll, and a look over your shoulder tells you it was a clean hit – the resulting explosion took the beast’s plated armour clean off. You notch an arrow to your bow, concentrate as you…

horizon-zero-dawn-pc-patch-adds-dlss,-amd-fsr,-and-performance-improvements VG247

Horizon Zero Dawn PC patch adds DLSS, AMD FSR, and performance improvements

There are some UI changes as well. Guerilla Games has released a new patch for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, and it comes with some enhancements for the game. With Patch 1.11 comes Nvidia’s DLSS upscaling technology and the addition of AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) which replaces FidelityFX CAS. With the inclusion of these technologies, the UI has been updated so that the settings screen facilitates the addition of DLSS and FSR. Another UI update sees the removal of the Render Scale option. But, the same result can now be accomplished by adjusting setting Upscale Method to Simple and…

horizon-forbidden-west-developer-has-put-in-a-lot-of-effort-into-making-the-world-feel-more-alive VG247

Horizon Forbidden West developer has put in a lot of effort into making the world feel more alive

An iconic RPG is only as good as its setting, and the developers at Guerilla Games are eager to make sure Horizon Forbidden West is as authentic as possible. Horizon Zero Dawn’s world was one of its best assets. Whether you were wandering around snow-capped mountains marvelling at its mechanical wonders or trekking across the plains ducking behind rocks to avoid being picked off by avian machines, the world always felt like an integral part of the role-playing experience. It’s something the developer is eager to ensure remains in the follow-up, Horizon Forbidden West. In a new PlayStation Blog post…

horizon-zero-dawn-pc-patch-fixes-anisotropic-filtering,-more VG247

Horizon Zero Dawn PC patch fixes anisotropic filtering, more

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 4 November 2020 15:16 GMT A new patch for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC has been released.Patch 1.07 is now available for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, and it fixes a few issues players have been experiencing.Thanks to the patch, anisotropic filtering now works correctly, and the mandatory/unskippable shader optimization step at first launch has been removed.Shaders are now pre-optimized in the game’s Main Menu, and can be skipped, and shaders are also optimized dynamically in-game.There are still a few known issues the Guerilla Games  is working on.These include the possibility of a higher amount of…