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fights-in-tight-spaces-smashes-out-of-early-access Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Fights In Tight Spaces smashes out of early access

It’s been a little over 9 months since Fights In Tight Spaces first released on to Steam Early Access, and as of December 2nd, it’s kicked open the door and walked into a full release. It’s a unique combination of deck-building and turn-based strategy, presented in satisfying and stylish 3D animation. Sort of Superhot meets Slay The Spire. In Fights In Tight Spaces, you play as an anonymous secret agent with the aim of assassinating bosses, while moving through the game’s multiple chapters. On the way to each boss are several smaller encounters, which act as opportunities for you to…

kickin’-down-doors-and-takin’-names-–-rico-london-video-preview VG247

Kickin’ down doors and takin’ names – RICO London video preview

By Dorrani Williams 4 August 2021 14:01 GMT RICO London is an honest indie game. What you see is what you get and what you get is an enjoyable fast-paced buddy cop shooter where you burst through doors trying to headshot everyone in sight while simultaneously dodging incoming bullets in slow motion.I went hands one with an early build of RICO London and captured some gameplay to show you all. Watch the video below for a closer look at this indie FPS.Watch on YouTubeWhat did you think? Let me know what you think in the comments below. My favorite thing…

rico-is-getting-a-sequel,-and-it’s-coming-out-in-june VG247

RICO is getting a sequel, and it’s coming out in June

By Sherif Saed, Friday, 12 February 2021 17:46 GMT RICO’s fast-paced arcade action comes to London.Today at Numskull Games’ February showcase, the publisher made a number of new announcements, and shared new details about previously revealed games. RICO London, the sequel to Ground Shatter’s 2019 co-op shooter, was among today’s reveals.As the name suggests, RICO London takes the action to the UK’s capital, and the story sees you going after gangs of London. RICO’s two-player, bullet-time action is still in tact. This is also still a game about quickly clearing rooms of bad guys, and the game’s arcade style of…

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Tactical card brawler Fights In Tight Spaces now has a free demo

Alright, I’ll show my hand. I do not like card games. Yet somehow, when developers toss the concept of cards into types of games that don’t normally have them, I’m interested. So it is with Fights In Tight Spaces, which I was quite taken by when it was first announced. If you’re one for tactical fisticuffs, you can go dish out some deck-based brawling of your own in the free prologue version (read: demo) of the game right now. (more…)