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path-of-exile’s-next-expansion-welcomes-you-to-the-trialmaster’s-game-show Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Path Of Exile’s next expansion welcomes you to the Trialmaster’s game show

Along with showing off more Path Of Exile 2, Grinding Gear Games last night announced the next free expansion for Path Of Exile. It’s named Ultimatum, which sounds a lot like the name of an TV game show because it kinda is. It’ll introduce the Trialmaster (not to be confused with the Taskmaster), who has combat challenges with classic game show dilemmas. Do you take the money, or push on? How about double or nothing? And what is a hot spot not? [unintelligible shouting] Read more

path-of-exile’s-heist-expansion-is-going-for-the-big-score-this-month Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Path of Exile’s Heist expansion is going for the big score this month

Path Of Exile , Grinding Gear Games’ huge free-to-play action RPG, has a new expansion – Heist – coming on September 18th. The titular Heists are the main pull, in which you charge into various dungeons and strongholds with your team of goons, get as much loot as you can, and escape before you’re caught and killed. It’s a daunting proposition for new players, but I had a chat with lead designer Chris Wilson about the new expansion and all the new stuff available, as well as where ideas keep coming from almost seven years after launch. (more…)