Grand Theft Auto Online

rockstar-aim-to-fix-gta-online’s-current-security-problems-in-upcoming-title-update Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Rockstar aim to fix GTA Online’s current security problems in upcoming Title update

A fix is on the way for the security vulnerabilities discovered earlier this week in Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar have said today. Players began efforts to alert Rockstar to the issues en masse over the weekend, after some nefarious types took advantage of the issues to disrupt the game for other people. Rockstar Support have tweeted that a security-related update is coming, but didn’t give a specific timeframe for it yet. Read more

gta-online-weekly-update-(december-22)-–-bonus-rewards,-discounts,-and-vehicles VG247

GTA Online Weekly Update (December 22) – bonus rewards, discounts, and vehicles

Rockstar North, Rockstar Games. December 22 is here, which means it’s Christmas time thanks to today’s GTA Online Weekly Update! The game has received a selection of temporary changes and updates as is the norm for the vast amount of the year, although this week is obviously an especially unique week with loads of holiday-themed rewards and content. This also includes limited discounts, bonuses to specific mission types, and free vehicles for you to fight over. In the GTA Online December 22 weekly update, new events, a new christmas-styled cars, and a whole lot of seasonal prizes are up for…

what’s-better:-seasonal-events,-or-dynamic-snow? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

What’s better: seasonal events, or dynamic snow?

Last time, you decided by a narrow margin that becoming overpowered is better than a chunky manual. With no chunky manual to teach you a game’s systems, I guess you’ll be busy experimenting with that for a while. This week, I’ve had a queer fancy to (for once) make you pick between things which have absolutely no connection. What’s better: seasonal events, or dynamic snow? I know, it’s a bit of a silly choice, but hey, it’s the last week of work before Christmas, let’s goof off. Read more

gta-online’s-drug-wars-update-sets-you-up-with-an-acid-lab-truck Rock,Paper,Shotgun

GTA Online’s Drug Wars update sets you up with an acid lab truck

GTA Online has kicked off the Los Santos Drug Wars, launching six new story missions where you help some hippies chase down the equipment they need to set up a mobile acid lab in their truck. I say hippies, I mean bloodthirsty thugs who happen to like psychedelics. The update has also increased security for the popular Cayo Perico heist, which was one of the main ways people earned their money, so folks are understandably grumpy. Maybe they can sell some acid instead? Read more

gta-5’s-nervous-ron-returns-in-gta-online’s-trippy-next-update Rock,Paper,Shotgun

GTA 5’s Nervous Ron returns in GTA Online’s trippy next update

Rockstar have teased a new story update coming to GTA Online next week, which pits players against a ramshackle bunch of rival drug dealers. The Los Santos Drug Wars kick off on December 13th with the first part of the update. The short post on Rockstar’s Newswire blog isn’t exactly awash with details at the moment, but it does give an idea about the kind of dodgy characters and shenanigans you’ll get to encounter, including an angry looking luchador and the return of GTA 5’s Nervous Ron. Read more