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take-two-scrambles-to-strike-leaked-gta-6-videos-and-screenshots VG247

Take-Two scrambles to strike leaked GTA 6 videos and screenshots

Take-Two has been issuing copyright strikes to take down much of the leaked GTA 6 content over the weekend. The weekend has brought Rockstar and its parent company, Take-Two, a lot of headaches. A massive amount of GTA 6 development videos and screenshots were published online by an anonymous leaker. GTA never suffered a leak at this scale, and the material understandably got published everywhere. The footage and screenshots showed various bits of gameplay, a Red Dead Redemption 2-like conversation system, some vehicle action, and a bit of the open world. More importantly, it featured the rumoured protagonist, and seemingly…

elden-ring-pro-beats-game-in-about-two-hours-without-dying-once Twitch

Elden Ring Pro Beats Game In About Two Hours Without Dying Once

Elden Ring has been out for nearly two weeks now and, if you’re anything like me, you’re still making your way through the expansive gothic world of the Lands Between. Not everyone is taking their leisurely time with the game, though, as one speedrunner ripped through FromSoftware’s action-RPG in just two-and-a-half hours…without dying a single time! Color me jealous.

bully-2-may-have-been-killed-by-stretching-resources-too-thin,-layoffs-–-report VG247

Bully 2 may have been killed by stretching resources too thin, layoffs – report

Crunching on other projects may have contributed to the Bully 2 studio’s downfall. Game Informer’s Blake Hester published a detailed report all about the Bully 2 that might have been and what led to the studio developing the sequel’s downfall. In short, Rockstar New England was pulled in multiple directions to the point where Bully 2 was no longer the focus of the developers who worked there. Rockstar New England, which was purchased by Rockstar when the former was Mad Doc Software and was responsible for the next-gen remaster of the first Bully at the time, had ambitious plans for…