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entertain-hungry-bird-children-in-weirdo-camp-sim-camp-canyonwood Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Entertain hungry bird children in weirdo camp sim Camp Canyonwood

My exposure to summer camps is entirely through films and games. Summer camp culture isn’t as much of a thing in the UK, possibly because we’re fairly happy to allow our children to learn to tie knots by themselves, by affixing each other to disused railway tracks or sick trees. In any case, the summer camps I’ve seen portrayed are usually unwholesome ones, because they’re good horror fodder. Camp Canyonwood is a camp counsellor sim, out now in early access, where you (an bird) look after a flock of demanding smaller birds. It sounds like it would be twee, except…

turnip-boy-commits-tax-evasion-review:-the-funniest-game-i’ve-ever-played Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion review: the funniest game I’ve ever played

Oh, to be a sentient turnip. A little stubby-legged jackanape with a serene, blank smile, several very fashionable hats, and a fondness for destroying paperwork. An unlikely hero, is Turnip Boy: he is a turnip, he is a boy, and he has evaded some taxes (specifically, taxes owed to Mayor Onion, an onion who is also the mayor). In this specific case, it’s pretty clear that the tax thing is a flimsy excuse for Mayor Onion to get Turnip Boy to carry out dangerous and annoying errands. But off you pop on a colourful 2D action adventure anyway. Read more

action-packed-platformer-blue-fire-launches-in-february Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Action-packed platformer Blue Fire launches in February

Too often, I first hear about neato-looking indie games when they’re barely more than a sparkle in the creator’s eye. It’s a real treat when something falls in my lap that I’ll be able to play before I’ve forgotten it exists. Enter this action-packed platformer Blue Fire which is launching on February 4th when you’ll be hopping, hacking, and slashing your way through its dark world. (more…)