apex-legends-glitch-lets-you-launch-vehicles-across-the-map Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Apex Legends glitch lets you launch vehicles across the map

Deals deals deals! Just kidding – I interrupt your regularly scheduled Black Friday posts to bring you some delightful Apex Legends japes. Today in “what daft thing has Imogen done in a multiplayer shooter now”, I had a go at replicating a glitch that throws Apex’s new vehicles across the map. Actually, “launch” is probably a better word to use than “throw”, because pulling off the stunt jetts you off into the sky like Gnome Chompski strapped to a rocket. (more…)

watch-dogs-legion’s-perfectly-normal-london-features-flying-cars,-cyborgs-and-ghosts Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Watch Dogs Legion’s perfectly normal London features flying cars, cyborgs and ghosts

London’s a weird place. As a Scot, I’ve always found my trips to the giant English sprawl to be bewildering affairs, as suited blokes ferry themselves from one Pret A Manger to another packed anchovie-like in screaming metal cans. Thank goodness then, that Watch Dogs Legion‘s condensed capital is an equally strange place – and it couldn’t possibly just be launch-week weirdness, right? (more…)