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wayward-strand-review:-a-heartfelt-story-told-through-an-intricate-timepiece Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Wayward Strand review: a heartfelt story told through an intricate timepiece

Playing Wayward Strand feels like navigating a detailed clockwork mechanism. It reminds me of those cuckoo clocks where on the hour every hour a tiny door opens revealing two mechanical dolls that come together and have a ‘lil smooch. That’s essentially how Wayward Strand works but on a bigger scale. Characters are set on strict routines, following predetermined paths and schedules that are often invisible to you. They welcome an interruption – a friendly natter or helpful hand – but whether you’re there or not, they’ll go about their business regardless. The world keeps on spinning and all that. It’s…

deep-rock-galactic-is-free-to-play-in-full-on-steam-this-weekend Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Deep Rock Galactic is free to play in full on Steam this weekend

If you’re looking for a spot of jolly cooperation this weekend, other than Elden Ring, round up the crew and get rowdy in Deep Rock Galactic. The excellent cooperative FPS, where we play as spaceDwarves gathering spacegems and battling spacebugs in destructible spacemines, is holding a free trial weekend on Steam to celebrate its fourth birthday. It is a (rock) cracking game. Read more

you-can-play-deep-rock-galactic-with-ghost-ship-games-and-the-rps-community-this-month Rock,Paper,Shotgun

You can play Deep Rock Galactic with Ghost Ship Games and the RPS community this month

If you’re one of those people who enjoys playing games with other people well, I’ve got some news for you about people you can play games with. Community members over on the RPS Discord server pick a game each month to play together. They’ve chosen co-op dwarf FPS Deep Rock Galactic this month and have managed to rope in a member of Ghost Ship Games to play along too. You can check in on the server this month to join them for cooperative shooty mining combat. (more…)