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How To Get Free Wishes In Genshin Impact

According to a Japanese research study, only 2-5% of players spend money in gacha games like Genshin Impact. This means that the vast majority of players are subsisting on free gacha rolls from various in-game activities. With a little bit of persistence, you can improve your odds and save a pretty significant number of wishes (GI’s rolls) to use on the limited-time character banners of your choice. Not all of these methods are grinding mobs, either.

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Genshin Impact Made $2 Billion In A Year

Free-to-play game Genshin Impact made $2 billion on the Google Play and Apple App stores in its first year. That makes Genshin Impact the third most financially successful mobile game in the world, sitting comfortably behind Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile. Excluding sales figures from China, Genshin Impact is the highest grossing mobile game in the world.

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Genshin Impact, Six Months Later

Genshin Impact was a landmark game for 2020, and for global awareness of Chinese-developed video games. Its impressive graphics, compelling fantasy world, and charming characters impressed and attracted millions of players.