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exclusive:-tribes-of-midgard-has-a-sword-that-summons-lightning,-and-other-shiny-epic-gear Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Exclusive: Tribes Of Midgard has a sword that summons lightning, and other shiny Epic Gear

Viking-y action-survival-RPG-majig Tribes Of Midgard is out tomorrow, and if you were asking me for an elevator pitch I’d say, “Think Valheim meets Diablo meets Hades,” which is a pretty decent pitch as these things go. If the idea of those three games mashed into one has whet your appetite, then you’re in luck. Developers Norsfell have given us an exclusive sneaky peek at some of the late-game megaweapons and magic god armour you’ll be able to get yer angry mits on to really stick it to the game’s pesky giants. Read more

godfall’s-first-expansion-adds-more-snazzy-armour-in-august Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Godfall’s first expansion adds more snazzy armour in August

The looter-slasher action-RPG Godfall is getting its first paid expansion later this year, adding a fiery new realm, new story missions and – yeah, you get it, all the usual DLC things. Much more importantly, it’s also adding a bunch of shiny new fashion. From the looks of things we’re getting some stylish animal helmets that we’ll be able to strut around in amongst the flames. The DLC, aptly named Fire & Darkness, is coming out on August 10th. Read more

embracer-acquisition-will-let-gearbox-take-risks VG247

Embracer acquisition will let Gearbox take risks

By Alex Calvin, Friday, 5 February 2021 16:54 GMT Wait, wasn’t Battleborn a risk?Borderlands maker Gearbox says that its recent acquisition by Embracer Group allows it to take most risks.That’s according to studio founder Randy Pitchford, who told GamesBeat that the company is now able to pursue more out-there ideas. The exec said before that Gearbox would have to convince a publisher or third-party to help out with its ideas.“We have so many new IP concepts that are in our incubator, that are ready to explode,” Pitchford said.“We could wait for the right publishing partner who’s willing to make a…

gearbox-settles-duke-nukem-music-lawsuit-with-bobby-prince VG247

Gearbox settles Duke Nukem music lawsuit with Bobby Prince

By Alex Calvin, Tuesday, 22 December 2020 15:41 GMT Gearbox has resolved yet another load of legal drama related to the shooter series.Gearbox Software has settled a legal dispute with Duke Nukem 3D composer Bobby Prince.In a press release, the studio said that it had settled the matter, but didn’t go into any detail about what this involved.This follows Prince filing a lawsuit against Gearbox in 2019 over the studio using his music “without obtaining a license” for the 2016 release, Duke Nukem 3D World Tour. Earlier this year, Gearbox – who bought the Duke Nukem IP from Apogee Software…

godfall-gameplay,-launch-trailer,-ui-and-more-shown-in-developer-stream VG247

Godfall gameplay, launch trailer, UI and more shown in developer stream

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 5 November 2020 20:46 GMT Gearbox Publishing and developer Counterplay Games have released the launch trailer Godfall.Alongside the launch trailer for Godfall, a developer Q&A was released providing details on end-game content, and more.We’ve posted the developer stream below, and you can have a look at the launch trailer as well further down.In the video, you will get a look at gameplay and the Seventh Sanctum which acts as a hub, you will see inspectable Valorplates, a training room, one of the first looks at the UI, the holomap, and missions for each section of the…


PS5 looter-slasher Godfall won’t force you to grind activities you don’t like for crafting matts

The developer of the upcoming fantasy looter-slasher Godfall has taken us behind the scenes on the title’s progression systems.Speaking to IGN, Counterplay Games senior technical producer Richard Heyne said that the aim was to create a game that’s fun for players who want to go through the main campaign, but is also enjoyable for who want to keep hunting down loot after the story is completed.Heyne has described Godfall‘s progression systems as a “tinkerer’s dream,” saying that the game’s skill tree gives players ample opportunity to experiment, while also making sure it doesn’t get in the way of them actually…

godfall-requires-an-always-online-connection-on-ps5-and-pc VG247

Godfall requires an always-online connection on PS5 and PC

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 4 October 2020 11:06 GMT Godfall, the PlayStation 5 and PC looter-slasher, will require a consistent internet connection – even if you’re playing in single-player mode.The official PlayStation Store page for Godfall has confirmed that the game requires an internet connection to play, and you must be signed in at all times.The “Online Play Required” label can be seen on the site. It’s the same badge you’ll see on games like Destiny and Fortnite that require you to have a persistent internet connection in order to access the game’s features.The official Godfall Twitter account later confirmed…

godfall-digs-deep-into-combat-details-and-weapon-types Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Godfall digs deep into combat details and weapon types

Up until now, it sure felt like we didn’t know a lot about “looter-slasher” Godfall aside from the fact that it’s an action game that looks quite colorful and shiny. Well say no more, Gearbox Publishing and Counterplay Games have gone and dumped a whole trove of combat details on the ground. I’m going to spend about as long sorting through information about these various attack types as I likely will my in-game inventory. (more…)

godfall-deep-dive-covers-combat-techniques,-weapons,-and-more VG247

Godfall deep dive covers combat techniques, weapons, and more

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 25 September 2020 20:31 GMT A deep dive on Godfall has been published, giving you more insight into combat.The Godfall deep dive posted on the PlayStation Blog goes over various attacks in the upcoming looter-slasherIn it, enemy weak points, breaching, and Soulshatter finishes are discussed, along with Arechon modesThe various shield moves such as parrying, throwing, bashing, and ground slam are detailed, along with the unique Polarity attacks.There’s also some information on weapons such as warhammers, greatswords, and polearms.Godfall will be available for PC on the Epic Games Store on November 12.It is also coming to…

borderlands-3’s-next-dlc-will-add-a-new-skill-tree-for-every-vault-hunter Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Borderlands 3’s next DLC will add a new skill tree for every vault hunter

Borderlands 3 has wrapped its season pass of DLC with Krieg And The Fantastic Fustercluck but oh look, it’s not done with updates just yet. Gearbox announced during their PAX Online showcase that there are more paid add-ons yet to come. The next of the bunch won’t be a campaign DLC like Krieg and others have been, but it’ll add a new game mode and new skill trees for each of your vault hunters. (more…)

godfall-gameplay-trailer-offers-a-new-look-at-combat VG247

Godfall gameplay trailer offers a new look at combat

The brand new Godfall gameplay trailer showcased at PlayStation’s State of Play event has provided us with a look of how combat is going to shape up in Counterplay’s upcoming looter-slasher. We got a look at two new weapons in today’s Godfall gameplay trailer – the dual blades and the longsword. Each has its own unique combat style, and come packed with their own advantages.You can check out the trailer below, or read on for a breakdown of the new weapon classes.According to the combat reveal, the dual blades are the fastest weapon class in Godfall, embodying “speed” and “mobility.”…