Garden Story

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Garden Story review: a cosy, sweet-natured RPG

Have you ever seethed at the injustice of juicy, happy grapes being crushed underfoot? Probably not. I hadn’t either, but playing Zelda-like Garden Story has changed things. It stars Concord, a purple vineyard-venturer so stalwart and noble that my empathy for grapes is now at its apex. Sommeliers. Jam makers. Raisin(eers?). M&S Holiday advert charcuterie board arrangers. Watch your fucking backs. I’m ride or die for grapes now. Garden Story has radicalised me. Read more

surprise,-juicy-action-rpg-garden-story-just-launched-its-sweet-adventures Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Surprise, juicy action RPG Garden Story just launched its sweet adventures

Tiny grape guardian adventure Garden Story had been planning a release for an unannounced date this summer and oh look! It’s today. This little community sim and combat ’em up has been in the works for a bit and has ripened enough to pick at last. A new launch day trailer shows off some more of all Concord’s slashing, questing, and adventuring to conquor all the Rot invading The Grove. Read more

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Nintendo Indie World presentation showed off plenty of games, some out today

Nintendo announced plenty of games coming to the console during its Nintendo Indie World presentation.The Nintendo Indie World showcase announced over 14 titles, and some were even released today.Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero from Unknown Worlds Entertainment are both coming to Nintendo Switch in 2021. In Subnautica, players discover the depths of a vast alien underwater world by collecting resources, crafting underwater structures, and outsmarting wildlife to uncover the mystery of the planet they crash-landed on.  Subnautica: Below Zero will have divers trying to survive the icy biomes of planet 4546B.Raji: An Ancient Epic, from Nodding Head Games, releases today on Switch is a timed…