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Black Is Magic: How Magic: The Gathering Is Transforming One Teacher’s Game Club

On the wall in Mike Lawton’s classroom rests a cardboard cut-out of a Black man. It’s not Martin Luther King Jr. or any other famous Black figure from history—it’s a mage—dark skinned and powerful-looking as a spell shoots from his fingertips. It’s Teferi, one of Magic: The Gathering’s most powerful main characters known as Planeswalkers, and he’s Lawton’s students’ favorite.

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10 of the best video game-related books for World Book Day

This week over at Jelly Deals we’ve been celebrating World Book Day with a number of buyer’s guides and fun features on the world of literature. For the day itself, though, we thought we’d pop over to our pals at VG247 to share some of the best books on the topic of our favourite hobby: video games.Below, you’ll find a mix of fascinating biographies from gaming visionaries, insightful behind-the-scenes glimpses at game development, a few arty coffee table books to keep on display and precisely one cookbook. Well, we all love a gaming snack, right?Peruse the selection below and let…