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xbox-is-celebrating-its-20th-anniversary-by-releasing-a-new-controller-and-headset VG247

Xbox is celebrating its 20th Anniversary by releasing a new controller and headset

Xbox is almost old enough to legally drink. Xbox turns 20 on November 15, and to celebrate, Microsoft is releasing a special controller and headset. The 20th Anniversary Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller is a spin on the translucent green of the original Xbox Debug kit. The body features a translucent black finish with silver internals, and the Xbox button is green to match the original Xbox logo. The back grips and the area around the hybrid D-pad are also green. It also features benefits pulled from the new Xbox Wireless Controllers, such as improved ergonomics, better cross-device connectivity, a…

check-out-the-aqua-shift-special-edition-xbox-wireless-controller VG247

Check out the Aqua Shift Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller

By Stephany Nunneley 3 August 2021 16:43 GMT Microsoft has announced a new color for the Xbox Wireless Controller, and it’s a lovely pearl blue.The Aqua Shift Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller has been announced by Microsoft, and it’s to be made available starting August 31.Featuring a color-shifting blue shimmer, the prismatic color moves across the controller, making it look as though it is “coming to life in your hands.”Not only does the controller feature a new color, but it also sports rubberized side grips with a unique dual-color swirl on every unit.It features a textured grip on the triggers,…