gamescom-2022-will-be-a-physical-event-with-an-“extensive”-online-offering VG247

Gamescom 2022 will be a physical event with an “extensive” online offering

The event takes place August 24-28. This year’s gamescom will take place in both the real and virtual worlds. The physcial portion of the event will be held at Koelnmesse in Cologne alongside an “extensive” digital program available online worldwide. Orgainizers state a hygiene and safety concept that has been tested and proven by Koelnmesse many times will be deployed for gamescom 2022, and in harmony with all currently valid regulations to ensure “safety and a high quality of stay.” To that end, measures such as improved admission management, digital queue management, extra-wide aisles or limited ticket allotments will be…

devolver-digital-announce-the-cutest-game-about-leading-a-cult Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Devolver Digital announce the cutest game about leading a cult

Look, I know part of what makes cults insidious is that they can seem so friendly and welcoming, but you have to admit that Cult Of The Lamb looks adorable. Announced last night at Gamescom by publisher Devolver Digital, it’s about ascending to divinity by growing your flock, building your base, defeating rival cult leaders, and performing rituals. And it looks adorable! Surely this is one of the good cults. Check out the trailer below. Read more

death-stranding:-director’s-cut-will-put-rockets-up-sam’s-bum Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut will put rockets up Sam’s bum

Car races and rockets to stop Sam bumping his bum are among the novelties coming to Death Stranding in its Director’s Cut, shown off in a new trailer tonight. While the refresh isn’t yet confirmed for PC, ah c’mon, surely we too will get to enjoy watching Norman Reedus do sikk motorbike trikks and boogy around his bedroom in his pyjamas. I’m so very glad all this exists in a ponderous game about trying not to trip over rocks or get eaten by oilghosts. Read more

call-of-duty:-vanguard’s-first-gameplay-trailer-sure-looks-like-call-of-duty Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Call Of Duty: Vanguard’s first gameplay trailer sure looks like Call Of Duty

During Gamescom Opening Night Live, we got our first look at what to expect from Call Of Duty: Vanguard‘s campaign. Last week, Activision confirmed the game would be set in an alternate history World War 2, and the new footage of one of the opening missions follows a sniper stealthing around in Stalingrad. It’s dramatic, cinematic, and it sure looks like a Call Of Duty game set in WW2. Take a peek yourself in the trailer below. Read more

gamescom-opening-night-live’s-hype-trailer-spills-some-more-attendees Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Gamescom Opening Night Live’s hype trailer spills some more attendees

We’ve already found out courtesy of host man Geoff Keighley that the Gamescom Opening Night Live will be a two hour long showcase event. As ever with Keighleyvents there are guaranteed to be tons of trailers and some world premiers and exclusive looks at cosmetic crossover items or something of the like. Also as usual, Keighley has been dipping into the set list to sprinkle us with details about which games are going to show up. He’s now dropped a handy hype trailer and hey, you can actually spot a couple games in here that he hadn’t formally spilled the…

dragon-age-voice-actor-makes-bizarre-beef-with-exiting-executive-producer-public VG247

Dragon Age voice actor makes bizarre beef with exiting executive producer public

A Dragon Age voice actor has gone on a tirade against the franchise’s exiting EP.Dragon Age voice actor Greg Ellis, who has played Cullen and Anders in the series, has taken swipes at exiting executive producer, Mark Darrah. In a sustained beef over Twitter, Ellis has not come out on top, potentially ruining his chances at returning to the franchise.Earlier this week, Bioware fans were hit with a one-two punch that long time veterans Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah were leaving the company. Many worried this might spell the end for the upcoming Dragon Age, though hope was renewed when…

lemnis-gate-is-a-tactical-fps-about-fighting-inside-time-loops Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Lemnis Gate is a tactical FPS about fighting inside time loops

Time loop games seem to be all the rage right now don’t they? You’ve got stuff like Arkane’s Deathloop and Luis Antonio’s 12 Minutes, and now the upcoming FPS Lemnis Gate, which we saw a shiny new trailer for during Gamescom Opening Night Live. It’s a strategic first-person shooter in which players duke it out across five turns which each take place in a 25-second time loop. It sounds… different, and it looks kinda cool. Check out the new trailer for yourself below. (more…)

observer:-system-redux-confirmed-for-pc,-and-it-has-a-demo-now Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Observer: System Redux confirmed for PC, and it has a demo now

As a nice little Gamescom surprise, Bloober Team today announced that Observer: System Redux will also be coming to PC. The original Observer from 2017 was a lovely little cyberpunk horror game starring Rutger “crying in the shower” Hauer, and the upcoming System Redux is an expanded and prettied-up version – but was only announced for next-gen consoles. Well, Bloober today not only confirmed a PC release, they released a demo so we can see for ourselves. System Redux won’t be a free upgrade, but it does have a discount if you’re quick. (more…)

little-nightmares-2-is-coming-in-february,-looking-nightmarish Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Little Nightmares 2 is coming in February, looking nightmarish

The horribly squidgy world of tiny tots and giant cannibals will call us back for Little Nightmares 2 on the 11th of February, 2021, Bandai Namco announced today. The first game was wonderfully unpleasant and yup, the puzzle-platforming horror sequel looks it too. We’ll be playing as a new wee kid this time, with our old littl’un tagging along to help us with yet more oversized terrors. Here, meet some of them in the new trailer below. (more…)

rejoice!-absolute-classic-citybuilder-pharaoh-is-getting-a-remake-next-year Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Rejoice! Absolute classic citybuilder Pharaoh is getting a remake next year

It seems a developer has managed to leverage two bits of my Ancient Egypt-related childhood nostalgia in one go today. Triskell Interactive and publisher Dotemu used an animated trailer that reminds me of famous Val Kilmer musical Prince Of Egypt to announced a 2021 remake of absolute stone cold classic citybuilder Pharaoh. Well played. Pharaoh: A New Era was revealed as part of Gamescom this year, in the wake of the Gamescom Opening Night Live show (and we have rounded up every trailer from that for you already). The trailer is almost entirely just nice scenes of life in Ancient…

bridge-constructor:-the-walking-dead-exists,-but-mostly-in-live-action-trailer-form Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead exists, but mostly in live-action trailer form

What’s more stressful than constructing a shonky haphazard bridge? Why, constructing a shonky haphazard bridge while zombies attack, of course! Developers ClockStone and publishers Headup Games revealed Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead today at Gamescom Opening Night Live, with a live-action teaser trailer and so little else that the Steam store page just has screenshots from the production of that teaser trailer. Cliff notes are: it has bridge construction, it has zombies, and those zombies are the same ones that have been troubling Andrew Lincoln and his son Coral for all these years. (more…)

microsoft-is-teasing-age-of-empires-3:-definitive-edition-release-at-gamescom VG247

Microsoft is teasing Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition release at gamescom

By Sherif Saed, Monday, 24 August 2020 13:23 GMT An Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition shadow drop may be happening soon.It looks like we may be playing Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition sooner rather than later, if we’re interpreting this new teaser correctly. The official Age of Empires Twitter account recently posted a cryptic image showing some unit cards.Though it may not look like much, fans figured out that the hotkey for each unit combine to spell out the word ‘gamescom’. This is a strong indication that the game is being released this week, or at the very…