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check-out-15-minutes-of-outriders-pyromancer-gameplay VG247

Check out 15 minutes of Outriders pyromancer gameplay

By Dorrani Williams, Thursday, 1 April 2021 12:42 GMT See what it’s like to play as the pyromancer in People Can Fly’s brand-new shooter.Outriders, the co-op class-based shooter from Square Enix and People Can Fly, is out now, but you might be wondering how the final game shaped up. We’ve been playing the game for a bit and have captured some footage from beyond the demo.In the video above you can see Outriders gameplay as a pyromancer – the class that uses fire to obliterate enemies. It’s pretty neat. There are three other character types to choose from, which we’ve…

nier-automata-players-review-bomb-it-on-steam-to-demand-a-better-port VG247

Nier Automata players review-bomb it on Steam to demand a better port

Square Enix’s mistakes with the original PC release of Nier Automata are coming back to haunt it.Last week, Nier Automata – alongside an assortment of games – came to PC Game Pass. Shortly after the game went live, players discovered something very curious: this isn’t the same PC port on sale on Steam.Usually, that just means the Windows Store version is limited in some ways, but this is one of the rare occasions where the Game Pass version is actually superior to one on Steam. It turns out, this is a completely different port.Reports of improved performance, proper windowed full…

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PC Game Pass’ $5 price is ending soon

By Sherif Saed, Thursday, 10 September 2020 13:06 GMT Xbox Game Pass on PC is leaving beta.The PC side of Xbox Game Pass, which went into beta in June last year, is ending its beta phase. Starting September 17, PC Game Pass will be available for everyone at its base price.Which means that the current, introductory price of $5 is also going away, and PC Game Pass will then cost the standard $10. Alongside this, the Xbox app on Windows will likewise transition out of beta.Microsoft tucked the news away in the blog post announcing EA Play is joining Game…