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xbox-game-pass-enriches-its-library-with-chicory,-amnesia:-the-bunker,-rune-factory-4-special,-and-more VG247

Xbox Game Pass enriches its library with Chicory, Amnesia: The Bunker, Rune Factory 4 Special, and more

The first round of June games have been announced for Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. Kicking things off today are top-down adventure game Chicory: A Colorful Tale on cloud, console, and PC and open-world, sci-fi sandbox game Farworld Pioneers for console ad PC. The world’s color has vanished. Can you bring it back? June 1 will see the arrival of Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 on cloud, console, and PC. The simulation title finds you immersing yourself in a realistic garage environment as the new car garage owner. The goal is to work towards a service empire as you…

xbox-game-pass-new-release-has-a-gorgeous-link-to-playstation-exclusive-the-last-guardian VG247

Xbox Game Pass new release has a gorgeous link to PlayStation exclusive The Last Guardian

If you’ve yet to play Planet of Lana, make sure you keep your speakers on and your ears open – the result may just surprise you. Xbox Game Pass subscribers have been drawn to Planet of Lana in their thousands. The game, developed by Swedish studio Wishfully and sold as a ‘cinematic side-scrolling platformer’, has been a critical and commercial success across the board – but coming Day One to Game Pass has meant that the indie game has found a particularly precious place in the hearts of Xbox owners. This is absolutely not a ‘podcast game’. And it’s easy…

xbox-game-pass-gets-surprise-day-one-bonus-–-a-cracking-3d-metroidvania-sequel VG247

Xbox Game Pass gets surprise day one bonus – a cracking 3D Metroidvania sequel

An unexpected – but certainly not unwelcome – to Xbox Game Pass adds even more value to the service today. Many of the most exciting games on Xbox’s unbeatable Game Pass service come in the form of the bonus little games that seemingly come out of nowhere. Some of the headline indie games on the service debuted by way of these last-minute surprise additions (Coffee Talk comes to mind). And whilst some games launched in this manner don’t do too well – Generation Zero, we’d like a word – we’re never going to look a bonus addition to the service…

xbox’s-troubles-started-way-before-the-latest-activision-blizzard-setback VG247

Xbox’s troubles started way before the latest Activision Blizzard setback

This generation has been incredible for Xbox Game Pass, but the wider Xbox ecosystem is struggling. Can Microsoft get back on track? Xbox needs a win. I am not just talking about how Microsoft needs to come out swinging off the back of the immediate news we’ve seen this week, where the UK’s CMA blocked its Activision Blizzard acquisition. That has set the company back, sure, but it’s likely only going to be a bump in a very long, very contentious road. Xbox’s issue is bigger, and speaks more to the company’s long-term plans in the current generation than any…

hi-fi-rush-struck-a-chord-with-its-game-pass-stealth-drop-–-here’s-how-tango-gameworks-made-music-matter VG247

Hi Fi Rush struck a chord with its Game Pass stealth drop – here’s how Tango Gameworks made music matter

Director John Johanas speak to us about the origin of the idea, the gruelling task of using licensed music , and Game Pass. Hi-Fi Rush is brilliant. That’s our review. Consider it a brief follow up to our initial impressions piece from earlier this year. Back then, Alex Donaldson stated it could be one of the best games of the year. Months later… he’s still right. If there’s on thing that’s on repeat in my head even now, it’s the amazing work the ensemble at Tango Gameworks did when it comes down to the game’s relationship with music. It’s not…

beautiful-alice-in-wonderland-inspired-slasher-ravenlok-is-coming-to-pc-and-game-pass-in-may Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Beautiful Alice In Wonderland-inspired slasher Ravenlok is coming to PC and Game Pass in May

Cococucumber – the folks behind the beautifully odd Echo Generation – are ready to release their next voxel adventure, the fairytale slasher Ravenlok coming to PC, Game Pass, and Xbox consoles on May 4th. It’s clearly riffing on Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland as our protagonist, the titular Ravenlok, moves to a new inherited house, gets sucked through a magical mirror and steps into a trippy, mushroom-filled land. From there, she needs to fight this realm’s off-brand Queen Of Hearts and save the remaining, slightly weird, storybook denizens. Read more

ravenlock-is-a-action-fantasy-adventure-launching-on-game-pass-may-4 VG247

Ravenlock is a action fantasy adventure launching on Game Pass May 4

Face danger head on when the game launches on Xbox, PC, and the Epic Game Store. Ravenlock is a slick looking fantasy action game, launching on Game Pass day one on both Xbox and PC. What better reason to try it out when it drops on May 4! The game comes from Toronto-based developer Cococucumber, which previously dropped other neat indie titles including Echo Generation and Riverbond. Ravenlock follows a young girl, named Ravenlock, as they’re transported into a troubled kingdom. It’s up to you to save the kingdom of course, wiping out any and all evil creatures that cross…

minecraft-legends-could-be-you-and-your-kids’-next-game-pass-favourite VG247

Minecraft Legends could be you and your kids’ next Game Pass favourite

The Easter holidays may have only just come to a close, but ahead of the summer – and those long, school-less weeks – you should remember Minecraft Legends. What do you think of when you think of the word ‘Minecraft’? If you’re anything like me – and the now-numerous generations that have been raised by the game – you’ll think of creativity, exploration, the freedom to do things your own way. The original game (now a Microsoft property) took the reins off, allowed you to explore the geometric sandbox at your leisure, and let you revel in the world in…

pc-game-pass-has-just-launched-in-40-new-countries VG247

PC Game Pass has just launched in 40 new countries

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Those in Egypt, Moroco, Ukraine and more can access limited-time rewards if they join up soon. PC Game Pass is coming to 40 new countries as of today, offering a limited-time offer to those who join in the first three months, and rewarding those who were part of the Game Pass insider program with several months of free membership. This comes following a preview back in February, where Microsoft teased the expansion of the service’s expansion across the globe. Game…

ghostwire:-tokyo-is-now-available-on-xbox,-alongside-new-spider’s-thread-update VG247

Ghostwire: Tokyo is now available on Xbox, alongside new Spider’s Thread update

New areas to explore, side missions to complete, and more. Ghostwire: Tokyo is now available to purchase for Xbox Series X/S, and if you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you can give Tango Gameworks ghoulish title a try for free. In addition, the game is also playable via PlayStation Plus, and an all-new Spider’s Thread update is now available for the game. Catch a small teaser for Ghostwire: Tokyo’s Spider’s Thread update here. The Spider’s Thread update for Ghostwire: Tokyo adds a brand-new rogue-lite mode to the game, on top of some additions to the game’s base campaign. During the…

2021’s-best-indie-is-now-an-xbox-game-pass-must-play VG247

2021’s best indie is now an Xbox Game Pass must-play

Over and over and over and over – like a hero with a miniature sickle. The joy of repetition really is in you. They say the definition of insanity is to do the same thing, over and over and over and over again – but what if, in repeating your life in a continual loop and learning a little bit more about the reason for your existence each time, you actually made progress? What if, instead of being doomed to insanity from repetition, it actually saved your life? Don’t just watch it once. Watch it again, and again, and again,…

remedy’s-quantum-break-delisted-from-storefronts-after-temporary-game-pass-removal Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Remedy’s Quantum Break delisted from storefronts after temporary Game Pass removal

Jack Joyce has run out of time, or steam, both work! Remedy’s time-bending Quantum Break – part superpowered shooter, part live-action TV show – has been delisted on Steam and The Microsoft Store. The game’s Steam page is still up, but it’s no longer available for purchase on PC or Xbox consoles. Publisher Microsoft had already confirmed the game would be “temporarily” removed from Game Pass (for console, it was never on the PC version) due to licensing issues, although there was no word on a removal from storefronts. Read more

minecraft-legends,-loop-hero,-iron-brigade,-more-coming-to-xbox-game-pass VG247

Minecraft Legends, Loop Hero, Iron Brigade, more coming to Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has announced a new round of titles coming to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass in April. Kicking things off today is Loop Hero for console and PC. In it, The Lich has formed a timeless loop, and inhabitants are thrust into never-ending chaos. It is up to you and your expanding deck of mystical cards to control the chaos by placing enemies, buildings, and terrain along expedition loops for the brave hero to fight and traverse. Get a closer look at the gameplay of Minecraft Legends. On April 16 Iron Brigade comes to cloud and console. As…

pokemon-like-cassette-beasts-is-dropping-day-one-on-game-pass-april-26 VG247

Pokemon-like Cassette Beasts is dropping day one on Game Pass April 26

launching on PC first, the game will later release on Xbox and Switch in Spring. Casstte Beasts is dropping on April 26, available from Game Pass for PC from day one. Later this Spring, during its console release on Switch and Xbox, it’ll also be available on Xbox Game Pass simultaneously. The game, a Pokemon-like monster fusing RPG, is all about collecting and battling a selection of unique monsters; all of which can be combined to create distinct and powerful companions. Check out the latest trailer for Cassette Beasts here! As you may have already figured out, Cassette Beasts has…