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it-is-time-to-listen-to-christmas-pain-in-christmas-town Rock,Paper,Shotgun

It is time to listen to Christmas Pain In Christmas Town

As I lay crying in bed at 6am today, I knew: it’s time. They say Christmas is a season for cheer and goodwill towards all but that’s not an observation, it’s an imploration. Christmas can be difficult for so many reasons, and that is why we must offer people cheer and goodwill. So truly, genuinely I find great comfort and joy in Christmas Pain In Christmas Town, a novelty Christmas song by a fictional washed-up musician from 90s infobahn detective game Hypnospace Outlaw. May this music video bring you cheer too. Read more

it’s-time-to-cry-to-christmas-pain-in-christmas-town Rock,Paper,Shotgun

It’s time to cry to Christmas Pain In Christmas Town

Like many people, I’ve had a difficult year. My dad died, an uncle died soon after, and everything is a lot, you know? Even in the best of years, I find Christmas challenging. That’s why I’m filling my ears with the maximalist sounds of a song which knows true suffering, a song from a fictional musician in a video game. Reader dear, it’s that time of year: if you’ve not already started, pour a cocoa and join me for Christmas Pain In Christmas Town. Read more

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Tokyo Olympic athletes are marching out to iconic video game music

I’m a sucker for an Olympics opening ceremony. I love the spectacle of it, with all the singing and dancing and references to historical things. Whenever the athletes march out, I often turn over the TV for a bit, though. It’s nice to see them happy and waving, but it’s usually a long one. But not this year! Since this Olympics are taking place in Tokyo, Japan’s decided to spruce up the atmosphere with an ambience game-likers will appreciate. Yes, each country’s athletes are entering the stadium to orchestral versions of music from classic Japanese video games. Read more

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Help, I’m trapped listening to The Sims 4’s Simlish summer jams

You can tell summer is coming: sun’s out, guns out, and taps aff, and a car drove past my flat blasting Len’s 1999 monster summer jam Steal My Sunshine at full volume. That reminded me EA made a Simlish version of Steal My Sunshine for The Sims 4‘s Seasons expansion, and now I’ve fallen down a terrible hole of breaking my brain with incomprehensible versions of familiar summer jams. Please help. The Simlish translation of “Girl I think my butt gettin’ big” in Nelly’s Hot In Herre is killing me. Read more

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Game music label under fire over late royalty payments

Video game music label and publisher Materia Collective have come under fire after reports that they’ve missed up to two year’s worth of royalty payments to their artists. Last night, one of the musicians behind Celeste‘s B-Sides (remixed songs from the game’s OST) claimed the music label hadn’t paid him for sales or streams since 2019. Materia Collective followed up with an apology shortly after, acknowledging their mistake, but now more artists have come forward saying that Materia have failed to make payments to them too. (more…)

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LoL’s virtual girl group K/DA have an EP out

The best thing League Of Legends has done in years is create a virtual girl group, who now have a whole EP out. After years of ha-ha-hilariously cheesy promotional songs like Warriors with Imagine Dragons, Riot’s music team unexpectedly hit the big time in 2018 with K/DA, a group with real singers in the digital bodies of pop-ified alternate reality versions of League characters. K/DA’s debut song, Pop/Stars was straight-up a banger, and found play far beyond esports stadiums. Today K/DA’s first EP, All Out, launched and I think it’s time Riot give up League to focus on pop. (more…)

The Game Music Festival Vol. 3 reimagines the sounds of Supergiant and Larian

Comb your hair, spray that perfume and suit up for a night of high culture, readers – the third edition of the Game Music Festival is underway. Starting last night, you can already tune into a full evening of orchestral rearrangement of scores from Bastion, Transistor, Pyre and Hades, with Larian Studios picking up the mic tonight for a more high-fantasy swing at the concert scene. (more…)

Hades composer teaches how to play one of its lovely songs in this video

Supergiant’s games all have pretty wonderful soundtracks, and their new Ancient Greek roguelike Hades is no exception. We have composer Darren Korb to thank for that, and this weekend he released a video tutorial teaching how to play one of Hades’ delightful tunes. It’s not one of the heavy intense tracks from your battles in Tartarus, however. Instead it’s one of the soothing melodies you hear when you come across Eurydice in Asphodel. (more…)