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interview-with-dragoni-–-the-new-licensed-uk-esports-betting-provider-built-by-a-league-of-legends-fan-focusing-on-choice,-in-depth-stats-and-live-odds:-‘we-offer-more-than-100-odds-per-game-and-20+-tournaments-from-the-nlc-to-the-lec’ ESports News UK

Interview with Dragoni – the new licensed UK esports betting provider built by a League of Legends fan focusing on choice, in-depth stats and live odds: ‘We offer more than 100 odds per game and 20+ tournaments from the NLC to the LEC’

Promoted article (in partnership with Dragoni) The esports betting market has become increasingly competitive over the years, with more traditional bookies and specialist providers than ever before. Dragoni (pronounced Dragon-eye) is one of the latter, a new specialist with a twist that aims to stand apart from the competition thanks to its level of choice and deep data sets. It’s currently offering odds in CSGO and League of Legends, with an almost absurd amount of betting options, like first tower, dragon, both teams to take the baron and many more, across a variety of leagues (more on those later). Continue…