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co-op-physics-platforming-monstrosity-struggling-is-out-now Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Co-op physics platforming monstrosity Struggling is out now

This one looks like a possible friendship-ender. Co-op physics are tough enough, as are platforming games. Struggling is both of those things and—as the cherry on top of your character’s horrifying head—you and your partner are each controlling one of two horrifying, connected appendages. This physics disaster is out now if you’re really ready to test your co-op communication. (more…)

lemnis-gate-is-a-tactical-fps-about-fighting-inside-time-loops Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Lemnis Gate is a tactical FPS about fighting inside time loops

Time loop games seem to be all the rage right now don’t they? You’ve got stuff like Arkane’s Deathloop and Luis Antonio’s 12 Minutes, and now the upcoming FPS Lemnis Gate, which we saw a shiny new trailer for during Gamescom Opening Night Live. It’s a strategic first-person shooter in which players duke it out across five turns which each take place in a 25-second time loop. It sounds… different, and it looks kinda cool. Check out the new trailer for yourself below. (more…)