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elite-dangerous:-odyssey’s-alpha-has-new-pvp-matches-called-conflict-zones Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey’s alpha has new PvP matches called Conflict Zones

The alpha phase for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is moving right along. After letting players step out onto the surface for the first time last week, Frontier Developments are moving into phase two of the next expansion’s alpha testing. This week they’re dropping alpha testers into a new system and letting them battle it out in the new on foot PvP Conflict Zones. You can spot the new FPS action in a new video the developers have published alongside the launch of phase two. Read more

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I created high-concept exhibits for Planet Zoo’s newest animals, and they’re really upsetting

Planet Zoo is a deeply warm-hearted game. While it’s set up to give you as much freedom as possible in every aspect of your zoo’s design, it still steers you firmly towards being good to the animals which live there. Unlike Frontier’s other animal husbandry game, Jurassic World Evolution, where everyone knows the management layer is just a way of killing time until the inevitable monster deathmatches, Planet Zoo does absolutely nothing to signpost “nightmare animal supermax” as a valid playstyle. Personally, I think that’s a good decision. But as I already mentioned, it puts a genuinely phenomenal range of…

elite-dangerous:-odyssey-just-sent-alpha-players-onto-the-surface Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey just sent alpha players onto the surface

We’ve got contact, Commanders. Elite Dangerous has fired up the alpha test for its Odyssey expansion—the one that’ll let you stomp around on space surfaces. No longer will pilots be confined to their cockpits. Starting today, Alpha players will be testing out combat and exploration over the course of a few weeks, according to this new flight plan. Frontier Developments say that the full launch for Odyssey is still expected in late spring this year, but you can catch a look at what’s coming right now. Read more

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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey expansion is delayed

Frontier Developments have been cooking up a new expansion for big space MMO Elite Dangerous but hold up, it hasn’t been cleared to disembark just yet. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey had been planned for early in 2021 but that window is getting bumped back thanks to our constant companion Covid-19. Odyssey is now expected in late spring for PC players, Frontier say in a new announcement. (more…)

elite-dangerous:-odyssey-delayed-on-both-pc-and-consoles VG247

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey delayed on both PC and consoles

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 13 January 2021 17:04 GMT Frontier Developments have delayed the release of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey on both PC and consoles. Today, the studio shared an update regarding the ongoing development of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey.According to Frontier, the ongoing impact of the pandemic and the renewed lockdowns in 2021 has added pressure on both the teams and the development timeline which has resulted in adjustments and changes to the development roadmap. Plans for the PC version have only been impacted slightly, however, plans for the console release will see a larger development shift. The studio is continuing its…

No, this Mortal Engines-themed Planet Coaster build won’t eat your rides

Alright, listen. The 2018 Mortal Engines adaptation might’ve been largely forgettable, but it did a damn fine job of bringing the book series’ ridiculous towns-turned-monster-trucks to life. Now, one Planet Coaster architect has crafted their own version of London-Upon-Wheels, wrapping their fantasy amusement park around a multi-tiered truck of a city. It’s just a shame there’s no way it’ll ever move. Unfortunately, Planet Coaster just wasn’t built for that. (more…)

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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey stretches its space legs in new dev diary

Elite Dangerous has always been about ships. Flying ’em, fighting ’em, crashing ’em into asteroids because you forgot flight assist was turned off. Why would you ever want to get out and walk? With the Odyssey expansion promising just that, Frontier’s latest dev diary has outlined the trading, scavenging, gunslinging and mingling you’ll be getting up to should you choose to leave the comfort of the cockpit. (more…)

horizons-expansion-to-be-included-with-elite-dangerous-in-october VG247

Horizons expansion to be included with Elite Dangerous in October

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 29 September 2020 20:52 GMT Frontier Developments has announced the Horizons update for Elite Dangerous will be folded into the base game.The Horizons expansion will be added to Elite Dangerous on October 27 as a free update.Players will receive the complete Horizons experience on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you previously purchased Horizons, you will receive an exclusive Azure paint job compatible with all 41 ships currently in the game.The expansion will remain on sale on all platforms until October 26 to allow players a last chance to obtain owner rewards and access to the Azure paint jobs.Horizons brings…

in-planet-zoo,-you-can-only-get-good-by-learning-facts-about-animals E3

In Planet Zoo, You Can Only Get Good By Learning Facts About Animals

Planet Zoo is the latest simulator from Frontier Developments, the creators of Roller Coaster Tycoon and the recent Planet Coaster. In this one, you’re building a zoo and making sure all the animals are well cared for, which comes with unexpected challengers for players used to making theme parks.Modern zoos have a strong focus on conservation, the developers of Planet Zoo told me during a gameplay demo at E3 last week, and Planet Zoo will reflect that. They were showing me a habitat for giraffes while I was asking about the research that Frontier has been doing for the game.“Their…