myst-fps-is-a-hilarious-dig-at-the-classic-adventure-game,-and-it’ Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Myst FPS is a hilarious dig at the classic adventure game, and it’s free on

Over the last 30 years, the classic adventure game Myst has been rereleased in countless forms, resurrected in 25th-anniversary boxsets, VR takes on the game, and even a full remake in 2021. But the power of the internet determines that nothing is sacred, and even the point-and-click Myst can be turned into the point-and-kill Myst FPS. Yes, developers Steven Nass and Peter Henningsen have released Myst FPS on, a free browser-based shooter that’s a good laugh, and an even better shitpost. Read more

destiny-2-servers-go-offline-as-players-get-booted-from-instances-a-day-before-raid-release VG247

Destiny 2 servers go offline as players get booted from instances a day before raid release

All appears to be fine now, but will things improve with The Root of Nightmares? Destiny 2: Lightfall servers suddenly went down last night, as players were experiencing huge login queues, connectivity issues, and abrupt booting into orbit. This comes only a day before The Root of Nightmares raid. Announced via the official BungieHelp Twitter account, the game was brought down temporarily to “assist in investigations into error codes, inability to log in, and login queues.” The servers are back online now, but with an additional maintenance period due today, fingers are crossed the upcoming raid release goes smoothly. Watch…

destiny-2-lightfall,-one-week-later-–-the-good,-the-bad,-and-the-very,-very-ugly VG247

Destiny 2 Lightfall, one week later – the good, the bad, and the very, very ugly

Bungie has once again kicked it out of the park with some elements of Destiny… but completely dropped the ball with others. It’s becoming a pattern. Destiny 2 Lightfall currently sits at ‘mostly negative’ on Steam. Twitter and Reddit are awash with posts complaining about, highlighting issues with, and outright mocking the latest expansion. Even MyNameIsByf, a longstanding Destiny loyalist with a razor sharp eye for criticism and commentary, has expressed his profound disappointment with Lightfall and the future it sets up for Bungie. Byf makes some very, very good points in this video. But, all that aside, Lightfall isn’t…

rocket-league-season-10-launches-march-10-–-adds-game-mode-wait-timer-and-other-limited-time-features VG247

Rocket League Season 10 launches March 10 – adds game mode wait timer and other limited-time features

10 seasons later, we’re still boosting and flipping around. Rocket League season 10 is coming out on March 8, bringing the Volkswagen Golf II GTI to the game alongside a selection of new in-game changes. Perhaps the most useful of new additions is an average wait time counter — which lets be honest doesn’t sound very exciting. However, it’ll give players a good idea of just how populated certain game modes are, which will save time otherwise wasted. That time can be spent in the lab, practising air control, something scrubs like me should take advantage of. Watch the new…

counter-strike-2-reportedly-in-the-works,-with-a-beta-as-soon-as-this-month VG247

Counter-Strike 2 reportedly in the works, with a beta as soon as this month

Nvidia drivers referencing the game appeared last week. It sounds like Counter-Strike 2 might be on the way, with a surprise release possibly as imminent as this month. This comes from Richard Lewis, a journalist who has accurately reported on a number of Counter-Strike stories over the years (thanks, VGC). Lewis claims that based on what a number of sources have told him that a new version of Counter-Strike is “very real,” and also “right around the corner.” According to Lewis’ sources, this new version of Valve’s shooter has been in development for a while, and is very likely to…

warframe-gets-a-roguelike-inspired-experience-with-the-upcoming-duviri-paradox-expansion VG247

Warframe gets a roguelike-inspired experience with the upcoming Duviri Paradox expansion

The expansion is due out this coming April. Warframe is getting its next expansion in April, titled The Duviri Paradox, promising to be “a roguelike-inspired and emotionally-driven Open World experience.” Earlier this week, developer Digital Extremes showed off a short cinematic trailer giving us a first glimpse of the upcoming Duviri Paradox expansion. In this next adventure, the Drifter ends up “stuck in a massive colour-changing and reality-fractured world,” the titular Duviri. In terms of story, players should, “prepare to experience an emotionally-charged and wondrous world where visual and gameplay experiences shift and transpose as the mood of the Child…

over-200-apex-legends-qa-testers-have-been-abruptly-laid-off-by-ea Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Over 200 Apex Legends QA testers have been abruptly laid off by EA

On Tuesday, EA abruptly laid off over 200 quality assurance testers at their LA office Baton Rouge, who were primarily working on their free-to-play battle royale Apex Legends. This news comes from a report by Kotaku which says the layoffs happened over a last-minute Zoom call, according to three of their sources. EA later confirmed the news, calling the layoffs part of their “ongoing global strategy” to expand the “distribution of our Apex Legends testing team.” Read more

honkai:-star-rail-is-a-stylish-turn-based-jrpg,-with-very-similar-energy-to-genshin-impact Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Honkai: Star Rail is a stylish turn-based JRPG, with very similar energy to Genshin Impact

Over the last few weeks I’ve spent a number of hours with Honkai: Star Rail‘s closed beta, and it certainly seems that MiHoYo’s upcoming free-to-play RPG is hoping to capture a similar audience to Genshin Impact’s. Star Rail’s turn-based battles and JRPG leanings might be a bit of a departure from Genshin’s open-world adventuring, but it’s definitely, 100%, without a doubt, anime as heck. Oh, and very gacha. There’s a lot of currencies. So many currencies. Still, I think it’s shaping up to be a decent time. Read more

echoes-within-looks-like-the-biggest-update-to-halo-infinite-since-launch Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Echoes Within looks like the biggest update to Halo Infinite since launch

Halo Infinite has been in an extended slump since its second season began 10-months ago, but 343 Industries are hoping to turn things around when Season 3: Echoes Within starts next week on March 7th. Echoes Within is undeniably the biggest update to Infinite since launch, as it’s adding new maps, weapons and equipment, and expanding the multiplayer’s narrative – which has been a series of perpetual teases so far. Read more

halo-infinite-season-3-finally-arrives-in-march-with-plenty-of-new-maps VG247

Halo Infinite Season 3 finally arrives in March with plenty of new maps

The Season was initially meant to launch last year. Halo Infinite Season 3 is finally almost here after having been delayed by several months, with a new trailer here to show off what we can expect. It’s no secret that Halo Infinite has had a rough time ever since it launched. That continues up to now, as the game’s upcoming Season 3, titled Echoes Within, is finally launching March 7, after pushing it back by a few months in September. The roadmap did give us some snapshots of what to expect, but a new trailer finally shows it off in…

genshin-impact-dehya-teaser-leads-to-brilliant-skyrim-memes VG247

Genshin Impact Dehya teaser leads to brilliant Skyrim memes

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. A new Genshin Impact teaser trailer for Dehya has a select few among the community making obvious, but admittedly hilarious Skyrim gags. After all, both have a long carriage journey at the start. It was inevitable. This new teaser trailer comes ahead of the Genshin Impact early next week. In this update Dehya will of course be present as a new character available from character banners, and she’s already gone down a treat thanks to her unique look. Also, she’s…

genshin-impact-update-3.5-brings-the-windblume-festival-just-in-time-for-spring VG247

Genshin Impact update 3.5 brings the Windblume Festival just in time for spring

New playable characters, new quests, and more. MiHoYo has officially revealed Genshin Impact update 3.5, adding in two more playable characters, limited time mini-games, and more. Genshin Impact’s next update, scheduled March 1 but technically available February 28 for a majority of Western players, is bringing the heat with Dehya, a pyro character who’s been in the game as an NPC in version 3.0. She’s the five-star character for this update, able to absorb damage for on-field teammates by placing a fiery field that also damages enemies. She’s joined by the four-star Mika, touted specifically as a support character for…

valve-scale-down-expectations-for-team-fortress-2’s-upcoming-update Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Valve scale down expectations for Team Fortress 2’s upcoming update

Last week Valve announced a “full-on update-sized update” would be coming to Team Fortress 2 this summer, getting us all excited at the thought of new content after years in maintenance mode. Valve have now quietly edited their original announcement blog post, walking back the hype while emphasising the community-developed aspects of the update. Read more

mobile-leaks-point-to-an-april-release-for-spacefaring-rpg-honkai:-star-rail Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Mobile leaks point to an April release for spacefaring RPG Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail is the first turn-based RPG in the Honkai / Genshin Impact universe, and its final beta started earlier today on PC and mobile. Pre-registration has now closed, but you might be able to gain access through the game’s FAQ page. While HoYoverse haven’t announced a release date for their cosmic fantasy adventure, eagle-eyed fans have spotted a potential April date on the IOS App Store. Read more

team-fortress-2-to-receive-first-“full-on-update-sized-update”-in-years VG247

Team Fortress 2 to receive first “full on update-sized update” in years

This is, surprisingly, not a joke. Team Fortress 2 didn’t exactly go anywhere, but I couldn’t tell you the last time myself or someone I knew actually played it. What was once at the height of popularity on Steam slowly faded into obscurity, became plagued with bots, and later was bereft of any major updates. Here’s the Team Fortress 2 trailer for a trip down memory lane, if it’s been a while. That is, until, yesterday. Team Fortress 2 shared a blog post with fans and players, detailing that the game will receive a “full on update-sized update,” and will…