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the-evil-within-2-headlines-amazon-prime’s-january-2023-game-freebies Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Evil Within 2 headlines Amazon Prime’s January 2023 game freebies

You can grab free games from every corner of the internet these days. Well, that’s if you consider ‘at no extra cost’ free. One such place is Amazon Prime, where members can claim and keep six free games from now until the end of the month, with 2017 horror The Evil Within 2 leading the pack. The other freebies are Elsewhere, Breathedge, Beat Cop, Faraway 2, Lawn Mowing Simulator, and Chicken Police – Paint it RED! Read more

pippin-barr’s-hidden-game-objects-exhibition-returns-in-v-r-^2 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Pippin Barr’s hidden game objects exhibition returns in v r ^2

Over the past decade, indie developer Pippin Barr has regularly shared free game experiments that you can play in your browser, such as Epic Sax, Chesses and its sequel, and the fantastically named Jostle Bastards. Now, Barr has taken another pass at his 2016 game v r 2, which was an exhibition of stuff you could find in the Unity engine’s GameObject menu. Except everything was inside cubes. In v r ^2, or v r squared, everything is out in the open on display. Take a gander at the trailer below. Read more

“lesbian-road-trip-rpg”-get-in-the-car,-loser!-has-just-hit-the-road Rock,Paper,Shotgun

“Lesbian road trip RPG” Get In The Car, Loser! has just hit the road

Get In The Car, Loser! begins as all RPGs about young protagonists with magical powers do—just a lot more bluntly. The world is being threatened by the evil Machine Devil and the Machine Devil cultists, and apparently no one is going to save it if not your plucky party of heroes. So hop on in the back seat, you dork. Get In The Car, Loser!, a free game written by Christine Love of Ladykiller In A Bind fame, is now fueled up and headed out on its self-proclaimed “lesbian road trip RPG”. Read more

rebel-galaxy-returns-as-epic-games-store’s-freebie-this-week Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Rebel Galaxy returns as Epic Games Store’s freebie this week

Epic Games Store have found a few more copies of Rebel Galaxy down the back of their couch to give away. Double Damage’s space western (but also very piratey) game is still worth playing if you like big spaceships taking aim at each other across the depths of space. Every death could be narrated by Rutger Hauer having a nice sit-down in the rain. It’s free until August 19. Read more

text-based-rpg-cyberpunkdreams-is-out-now-and-free-to-play Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Text-based RPG Cyberpunkdreams is out now and free to play

Cyberpunkdreams, as is the law for cyberpunk games, is set in a biggo futuristic city. Ah, but the city in question? No no, not future London. Not New York, or anywhere in California. Welcome to the cyberpunk midwest, everyone. This free, text-based RPG is set in the 2090s border city of Cincinnati. That’s in Ohio, which is the middle of the United States, which you’ll be forgiven for not knowing if you don’t live two hours away from it. As of 2090, it’s one of the hottest places to be, the biggest border city between the future states and the…

mech-mechanic-simulator’s-demo-is-a-relaxing-way-to-spend-time-with-mechs Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Mech Mechanic Simulator’s demo is a relaxing way to spend time with mechs

Mech Mechanic Simulator is a PlayWay joint, and it shows. PlayWay publish games like House Flipper and Car Mechanic Simulator, and if you’ve played or seen them, you know what to expect with this upcoming, scifi variant. The same as the others – but with mechs! That is to say, the same as the others, but better. There’s a trailer below, and a demo on Steam that I’ve had a play with. (more…)

rec-room-has-a-million-monthly-vr-players Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Rec Room has a million monthly VR players

Rec Room is sort of like Roblox: a place where people can make their own games and easily chat and play with friends. Where it most differs from Roblox is its early focus on supporting virtual reality, and its developers now report that the game has “over 1 million monthly active VR users”. That’s a lot. (more…)

the-best-game-you-missed-in-july-2020:-teen-island-simulator Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The best game you missed in July 2020: Teen Island Simulator

As 2020 goes kicking and screaming into that good night, we’ve rounded up some of the best games from the year that we didn’t end up covering. Check the Best Game You Missed tag for more. The castaways are a ragtag crew of teens: Lily is smart, Jaimie is athletic, and Oliver is charming. Sure, there’s Audrey, but she’s such a rebel and her crush on Joshua is making it tough for her to get anything done. And on the night of Day 8, Lily seems to have remembered seeing a documentary about a ritual to scare evil spirits and…

metro-2033-redux-is-free-on-epic-today Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Metro 2033 Redux is free on Epic today

Well, the gifts start coming and they don’t stop coming. The latest free game on the Epic Games Store is Metro 2033 Redux, the revamped version of the spooky shooter set in post-apocalyptic Soviet subways. The game was already a good’un in 2010, then 2014’s Redux fancied up its looks and improved bits like the stealth so yeah, worth getting. (more…)

grab-mech-shooter-brigador-free-from-gog Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Grab mech shooter Brigador free from GOG

Merry Christmas, it’s time to hop in a mech and trash a city. For 72 hours, digital games store GOG are giving away Brigador free for keepsies, and it’s well worth grabbing. Brigador’s an isometric shooter about blasting through a futurecity in a variety of customisable mechs and other vehicles, going stealthy if you want or deploying massive munitions if not. (more…)

the-anything-gallery-is-a-museum-of-whatever-you-want-it-to-be Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Anything Gallery is a museum of whatever you want it to be

Look, I’ve covered a lot of videogame museums in my time with RPS. It’s fitting, then, that I’d eventually cover a virtual art gallery of literally everything. Released for free this weekend, The Anything Gallery is exactly that – an exhibition of anything you want, curating from any phrase you enter before its wings skew off into weird and wild tangents stretching infinitely in every direction. (more…)

familiars-packs-a-full-featured-pokemon-clone-into-a-single-tweet Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Familiars packs a full-featured Pokemon clone into a single Tweet

When you spend half your day glued to Twitter, you get used to the occasional double- or triple-take. But I don’t think anything’s ever made me stop and shout as much as stumbling upon Familiars – a browser-based monster-catching MMO that developer Loam has somehow managed to cram into a video embed, letting you embark on an honest-to-god online RPG without ever leaving Twitter. (more…)