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card-based-mashup-solitairica-is-free-on-the-epic-games-store VG247

Card-based mashup Solitairica is free on the Epic Games Store

By Grace Curtis, Tuesday, 29 December 2020 16:24 GMT Drumroll please! Okay, maybe not. The list of free games in the Epic Games Store Winter Sale leaked quite a while ago, so there’ll be no monocle-popping or tea-spitting or expressions of indignant surprise in any form. But yes, the prophecy is true yet again, and Solitairica is free to download for the next 24 hours.So far we’ve seen a wide variety of titles coming out of Epic’s gift basket, with big-budget suspense thriller Alien: Isolation one day and indie darling Night in the Woods the next. Solitairica is one of…

metro-2033-redux-is-free-on-epic-today Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Metro 2033 Redux is free on Epic today

Well, the gifts start coming and they don’t stop coming. The latest free game on the Epic Games Store is Metro 2033 Redux, the revamped version of the spooky shooter set in post-apocalyptic Soviet subways. The game was already a good’un in 2010, then 2014’s Redux fancied up its looks and improved bits like the stealth so yeah, worth getting. (more…)

grab-mech-shooter-brigador-free-from-gog Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Grab mech shooter Brigador free from GOG

Merry Christmas, it’s time to hop in a mech and trash a city. For 72 hours, digital games store GOG are giving away Brigador free for keepsies, and it’s well worth grabbing. Brigador’s an isometric shooter about blasting through a futurecity in a variety of customisable mechs and other vehicles, going stealthy if you want or deploying massive munitions if not. (more…)

alien:-isolation-is-free-on-epic-games-store-until-tomorrow VG247

Alien: Isolation is free on Epic Games Store until tomorrow

By Dom Peppiatt, Monday, 21 December 2020 18:03 GMT Creative Assembly’s horror masterpiece, Alien: Isolation, is free to claim on Epic Games Store today.Epic Games Store’s Twitter account announced that Alien: Isolation is free to claim and keep if you log into the storefront and add it to your account before December 22 at 8am PT /11am ET / 4pm GMT.The initial announcement managed to crash Epic’s storefront thanks to the popularity of the licensed stealth-horror jaunt. The store is back up and working now – and if you click through, you’ll also find 75% off the game’s add-on content,…

the-anything-gallery-is-a-museum-of-whatever-you-want-it-to-be Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Anything Gallery is a museum of whatever you want it to be

Look, I’ve covered a lot of videogame museums in my time with RPS. It’s fitting, then, that I’d eventually cover a virtual art gallery of literally everything. Released for free this weekend, The Anything Gallery is exactly that – an exhibition of anything you want, curating from any phrase you enter before its wings skew off into weird and wild tangents stretching infinitely in every direction. (more…)

familiars-packs-a-full-featured-pokemon-clone-into-a-single-tweet Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Familiars packs a full-featured Pokemon clone into a single Tweet

When you spend half your day glued to Twitter, you get used to the occasional double- or triple-take. But I don’t think anything’s ever made me stop and shout as much as stumbling upon Familiars – a browser-based monster-catching MMO that developer Loam has somehow managed to cram into a video embed, letting you embark on an honest-to-god online RPG without ever leaving Twitter. (more…)

the-epic-games-store-is-giving-out-daily-free-games,-starting-next-week Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Epic Games Store is giving out daily free games, starting next week

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… well, I don’t know, it’s still only December 10th. And while I certainly wouldn’t consider a corporate storefront my true love, it looks like the Epic Games Store may also have a dozen or so presents to leave under the tree. Starting next Thursday, Epic will give out a new free gift every day for 15 days – and I’m all but certain there’ll not be a pair of socks in sight. (more…)

interview-with-the-whisperer-is-a-chatbot-conversation-with-god’s-best-mate Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Interview With The Whisperer is a chatbot conversation with God’s best mate

An old man in Northern Spain claims to have a direct line to the divine, and you’re off to see if he’s legit. Interview With The Whisperer, a free short story from the creators of The Red Strings Club and The Bookshelf Limbo, is a wonderfully intimate conversation with a distracted old man and – if you’re lucky – the cosmic supernatural entity on the other side of his short-wave radio. (more…)

the-first-witcher-is-free-to-keep-with-a-gog-galaxy-download Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The first Witcher is free to keep with a GOG Galaxy download

Have you played The Witcher? Not the massively popular third one, mind, but CD Projekt’s 2008 series-starter. It’s a little uglier, a little jankier, and Geralt’s face doesn’t look quite so dashing. But it’s also now free for anyone who downloads the GOG Galaxy client, letting you jump back into Geralt’s boots for nary a crown. (more…)

sewing-adventure-weaving-tides-knits-up-a-free-demo Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Sewing adventure Weaving Tides knits up a free demo

It’s gotten awfully cold out lately. A perfect time, then, for getting yourself wrapped up in a nice nook with a hot drink and a spot of knitting with Weaving Tides. Developers Follow The Feathers this week released a free demo for their pleasant, aerial knit ’em up, letting you sew your way through the story’s opening or else freely embroider your own creations over an empty canvas. (more…)

‘tis-the-season-for-haunted-ps1’s-gore-filled-advent-calendar Rock,Paper,Shotgun

‘Tis the season for Haunted PS1’s gore-filled advent calendar

Truly, not even the festive cheer of the Christmas season is enough to shoo away the low-poly scare-makers working under the Haunted PS1 label. This week, the collective kicked off their latest collaborative project, the Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar, a delicious selection of 24 bloody treats unlocked over the 24 days running up to Christmas. Trust me, there’s no chocolate waiting behind those blurry, low-res doors. (more…)

that-night,-steeped-by-blood-river-is-a-long-night-of-anxious-vignettes Rock,Paper,Shotgun

That Night, Steeped By Blood River is a long night of anxious vignettes

There’s an ephemeral, anxious mood I often find myself looking for in games. A sense of long, sleepless anxiety, the kind of anxious melancholy that hits after a few too many drinks in a town I don’t quite know too well. That, I think, is what I walked away from Taylor Swietanski’s That Night, Steeped By Blood River feeling, a short series of dreamless vignettes where nothing but the signature you scrawl on the hotel room door is certain. Helps that it’s bloody gorgeous, mind. (more…)