ea-is-considering-free-to-play-for-battlefield-2042-after-sales-disappointment-–-report VG247

EA is considering free-to-play for Battlefield 2042 after sales disappointment – report

EA is reportedly looking into making certain components of Battlefield 2042 free-to-play in order to salvage it. Things are evidently not going well over at Battlefield 2042 developer DICE. According to new information from one insider, EA, the game’s publisher, is seemingly interested in exploring the path of free-to-play. It is no secret that Battlefield 2042 has not been the hit EA expected it to be. Though DICE continues to improve the game’s technical state with patches, there is still a lack of content compared to past games. Battlefield 2042 has also disappointed many of its players, and it lead…

“he-will-be-forever-missed”-–-tributes-paid-to-scottish-unreal-tournament-legend-paul-‘astz’-mcgarrity ESports News UK

“He will be forever missed” – tributes paid to Scottish Unreal Tournament legend Paul ‘astz’ McGarrity

Paul ‘astz’ McGarrity, one of the UK’s top original Unreal Tournament (UT) pro players, has sadly passed away. He played UT 2004 competitively and also Quake Live for the likes of Dignitas back in the day. Paul also previously provided consultancy around gameplay and game mechanics in FPS (first person shooter) games. He was also a product manager for Play2Improve and its FPS Trainer product. Paul is survived by his partner Kathleen and his three children. Continue reading “He will be forever missed” – tributes paid to Scottish Unreal Tournament legend Paul ‘astz’ McGarrity

halo-infinite-credits-will-be-earnable-through-the-battle-pass-when-season-2-kicks-off VG247

Halo Infinite Credits will be earnable through the battle pass when Season 2 kicks off

When Halo Infinite Season 2 kicks off, Credits will be earnable through the battle pass. 343 Industries announced the change overnight, and this means you will no longer have to pay real money for Credits once the change is made. Instead, they will be earned through progression. The studio said it will have more to share on this as it gets closers to Season 2. A date for Season 2 has not been provided, but it is expected to go live sometime this spring. This news comes on the heels of 343 reducing the price of items available on the…

raven-software-quality-assurance-workers-are-unionizing VG247

Raven Software quality assurance workers are unionizing

This is the first union to be formed within the games industry. Raven Software workers in charge of quality assurance on Call of Duty: Warzone have formed a union dubbed the Game Workers Alliance which is part of the Communication Workers of America (CWA). Activision Blizzard employees have been threatening to unionize ever since they went on strike seven weeks ago, and of the Raven QA testers, 34 workers have decided to unionize. “Today, I am proud to join with a supermajority of my fellow workers to build our union, Game Workers Alliance (GWA),” said Raven Software tester Becka Aigner…

raven-software-qa-workers-are-unionising,-keeping-activision-blizzard’s-week-lively Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Raven Software QA workers are unionising, keeping Activision Blizzard’s week lively

What a ridiculous week. Activision Blizzard came in on Monday dragging a trail of lawsuits and scandal with allegations of widespread discrimination and harassment, on Tuesday were being bought by Microsoft for $69 billion (£50 billion), and now on Friday they’ve grown a union. 34 quality assurance testers at the Activision Blizzard studio Raven Software, who currently maintain Call Of Duty: Warzone, are forming a union named the Game Workers Alliance. They’re seeking better working conditions in the wake of Raven QA layoffs. Read more

the-days-of-a-new-call-of-duty-every-year-might-be-over VG247

The days of a new Call of Duty every year might be over

According to a new report, Activision developers are eager for Call of Duty to ditch its yearly release schedule Call of Duty has been releasing a game per year since 2005. That means, for the past 16 years, we’ve got a new Call of Duty release every single year. Even though Activision had multiple teams working on the games – whether that’s Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, Treyarch or Raven – that’s still a lot of game over a relatively short amount of time. But that era could soon be coming to an end. According to a new report from Bloomberg,…

xbox-has-“a-desire-to-keep-call-of-duty-on-playstation” VG247

Xbox has “a desire to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation”

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has outlined his plans to keep the iconic FPS franchise on PlayStation, as Microsoft forges ahead with Activision Blizzard acquisition Will Call of Duty stay on PlayStation consoles now that Microsoft has announced its plans to purchase Activision Blizzard? In a new tweet addressing players’ concerns about the game going Xbox-exclusive, Phil Spencer has basically said ‘don’t worry, CoD isn’t going anywhere’. Following an official statement released by Sony yesterday (Jan 20, 2022) in which the PlayStation platform holder said it expects Microsoft to honour existing “contractual agreements” with PlayStation, Phil Spencer has tweeted his assurance…

midnight-ghost-hunt-is-a-beautifully-silly-prop-hunt-revival Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a beautifully silly Prop Hunt revival

Panic. Panic at the museum reception desk, as the astronaut suit I have belatedly possessed is set upon by a four-strong team of ghost busters. We’re in the opening seconds of the round and only 20 minutes into my Midnight Ghost Hunt hands-on preview, which means I’ve yet to figure out important concepts like ‘where the hunters spawn in’, or nuances like ‘this button lets me hide in props’ as opposed to ‘this button telekinetically waggles props about like ectoplasmic dinner bells’. As ghosts we’re supposed to mostly stay schtum for the five minutes it takes to reach midnight, at…

months-later,-battlefield-2042-is-getting-a-new-scoreboard VG247

Months later, Battlefield 2042 is getting a new scoreboard

Battlefield 2042’s next major patch is expected next month, and it’ll bring with it a basic feature players have been asking for. Battlefield 2042 developer DICE finally broke its silence, even if what it did say wasn’t to everyone’s liking. The developer released a small patch today, and introduced a new XP cap system to Battlefield Portal as a compromise that’ll hopefully please players. But the biggest changes won’t actually be here for a while. We also don’t know what they’re going to be. In a series of Tweets, DICE revealed that patch 3.3, currently scheduled for mid-to-late February, will…

dice’s-solution-to-battlefield-2042-portal’s-xp-earn-problem:-a-confusing-multi-tier-system VG247

DICE’s solution to Battlefield 2042 Portal’s XP earn problem: a confusing multi-tier system

Battlefield Portal will very soon let you earn XP when playing community-made modes, if you can parse out this chart. DICE is back from the holidays, and one of the first items on the agenda is adressing the XP earn problem in Battlefield 2042’s Portal mode. Shortly after the launch of Battlefield 2042, some quickly started creating XP farming servers in the community-driven Portal experience. DICE quickly caught on, and decided to disable XP earn in Portal modes, except official ones made by the developer itself or the approved few. This was always intended to be a short-term solution, but…

here’s-everything-coming-to-battlefield-2042-with-the-january-20-patch VG247

Here’s everything coming to Battlefield 2042 with the January 20 patch

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. After what felt like months of radio silence, Battlefield 2042 developer DICE has officially returned to share some of its immediate plans for the game with its player base. In series of Tweets and a blog post, developer of the struggling multiplayer shooter announced that the first patch in the new year will arrive tomorrow, January 20 on all platforms. The update will go live without any downtime, at 12am PT, 3am ET, 8am UK. Patch 3.2 is on the…

rainbow-six:-extraction-review:-ubisoft’s-experimental-shooter-tries-its-best,-but-it’s-still-under-siege VG247

Rainbow Six: Extraction review: Ubisoft’s experimental shooter tries its best, but it’s still under Siege

I’m left scratching my head with Rainbow Six: Extraction. This sci-fi FPS from Ubisoft Montreal feels like it’s pulling in multiple directions, trying to appeal to multiple crowds. It’s marked with flourishes that go a long way to express the passion that went into it, but disappoints a little where it matters. Extraction is fun, for sure, but it’s hard to ignore its clear-and-present problems. For those not in the know, Rainbow Six: Extraction is built atop the foundation of a pre-existing, rather excellent, multiplayer FPS called Rainbow Six: Siege – a game that has attracted a diehard community thanks…

343-industries-is-cutting-the-price-of-halo-infinite-store-items-this-week VG247

343 Industries is cutting the price of Halo Infinite store items this week

Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries is “focused on reducing pricing” on store items, per the studio’s head of design Did you really want to buy those wonderful cat ears in Halo Infinite, but thought the asking price in the store was just a bit too steep? Did you want to pick up that Mister Chief meme bundle but balked at the idea of emptying your wallet for the pleasure? Well, don’t fret – developer 343 Industries has confirmed that prices in the Halo Infinite store will be revised (and lowered) this week. “We’ve been monitoring the discussions on the Shop,…

a-playstation-5-version-of-apex-legends-might-be-coming-soon VG247

A PlayStation 5 version of Apex Legends might be coming soon

And likely Xbox Series X/S too. PlayStation 5 users may not have to wait much longer for a native version of Apex Legends, according to file information found on PSN. According to PlayStationSize, while looking through PSN for updates, a PS5 entry was found with a download size of over 80GB without update. This could mean a PS5 version of the game is imminent, and this also means you can probably expect the Xbox Series X/S version to arrive around the same time, if not the same day. The game is already backward compatible with both PS5 and Xbox Series…

the-greatest-chronicle-of-english-culture-is-a-duke-nukem-3d-level Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The greatest chronicle of English culture is a Duke Nukem 3D level

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. The diary of Samuel Pepys. The movie Mary Poppins. For years, people have sought to understand English culture and history by consulting such artifacts. When future generations wish to understand what England was like in the early 21st century, they’ll simply need to play a Duke Nukem 3D level. Since June 2021, Dan Douglas has been making a DN3D level which captures facets of the real England: town centres, Wetherspoons, Greggs, a sausage roll nativity, Michael Gove dancing, lads, absolute madmen, life under Covid, performative patriotism, the Brexit bus, and so much more. It’s astonishing. Read more