what’s-the-worst-thing-you’ve-done-for-an-achievement? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

What’s the worst thing you’ve done for an achievement?

In the latest edition of Ask RPS, our new mailbag feature where RPS supporters pose us questions that we then answer in public posts for everyone to enjoy, we’re turning our gaze to that loved and loathed staple of the video gaming landscape: achievements. Ah, achievements. Never mind if they’re good or bad. Today, we’re remembering the terrible things we’ve done to actually get them. The question comes courtesy of Fachewachewa, who asked: What’s the worst thing you’ve done for an achievement? Or more generally, a time you were focused on a specific goal in a game, reached it (or…

before-dead-space,-isaac-clarke-had-quite-the-cursed-cv Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Before Dead Space, Isaac Clarke had quite the cursed CV

Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke is clearly a man of many talents. He’s a systems engineer by trade, so he knows his way around the dense innards of space vessels. He’s also handy around a toolbox and is more than familiar with high-risk equipment like the Plasma Cutter. Oh, and he’s remarkably good at slicing and dicing necromorphs into juicy squelchy lumps. What a resume! But did you know that our favourite space engineer also has lots of secret talents too? When Dead Space originally came out in the back end of 2008, his corporate overseers at EA sent Mr. Clarke…

deku-smash-removed-from-fortnite-due-to-in-game-“issues” VG247

Deku Smash removed from Fortnite due to in-game “issues”

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Players will have to settle without the powerful Chapter 4 feature for the foreseeable future. The Deku Smash has suddenly been removed from Fortnite due to “an issue”, according to official Fortnite social media channels. This came only a few days following epilepsy concerns were raised against the attack, as well as swirling frustrations around its ability to one-shot enemy players. Both are potential reasons to remove the weapon from the game, although the former is certainly the most troubling….

epic-games-rolls-out-new-fortnite,-rocket-league,-and-fall-guys-accounts-for-kids VG247

Epic Games rolls out new Fortnite, Rocket League, and Fall Guys accounts for kids

In an attempt to provide a safer and more inclusive experience for children, Epic Games has started rolling out Cabined Accounts. Epic Games has begun to roll out a new type of account that is specifically for children using the service to play online, multiplayer games. The new accounts are called ‘Cabined Accounts’, and will aim to provide a tailored experience that is both safe and inclusive for younger players using Epic Games. Xbox Series S isn’t holding next-gen back, reality is. The Cabined Accounts began being rolled out yesterday, Wednesday 7, in games such as Fortnite, Rocket League, and…

fortnite-chapter-3-will-be-the-shortest-one-yet Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Fortnite Chapter 3 will be the shortest one yet

The end of another Fortnite map is nigh, with Chapter 3 of the free-to-play battle royale drawing to a surprisingly early close next month. The change will coincide with the end of Season 4 in an event called Fracture, teased by devs Epic Games at the end of the Fortnite Champion Series held over the weekend. Fracture kicks off on December 3rd at 9pm GMT / 1pm PST. Read more

have-you-played…-fortnite? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Have you played… Fortnite?

Buried beneath an Everest sized pile of TikTok dance emotes, Marvel skins and lavish live concerts for Ariana Grande lies the actual reason Fortnite has kept me playing for the best part of half a decade: Fortnite is one of the finest multiplayer shooters on PC, and no, I’m not joking. It rules. Read more

fortnite’s-latest-season-embraces-the-chrome,-adds-in-brie-larson-and-spider-gwen VG247

Fortnite’s latest season embraces the chrome, adds in Brie Larson and Spider-Gwen

Expect to read the word chrome a lot in this one. Season 4 of Chapter 3 of Fortnite is here, titled Paradise, and along with it comes Brie Larson, Spider-Gwen, and a whole lot of chrome. In this latest season, a mysterious substance has appeared on the island, which is very chrome in look and presumably feel. Using a chrome splash has an interesting effect, where throwing it at a wall will let you literally just walk through it, which sounds like a fun way to mix things up. Chroming yourself, a sentence I never thought I’d write, will let…

lady-gaga-might-be-appearing-in-fortnite,-if-a-leak-is-to-be-believed VG247

Lady Gaga might be appearing in Fortnite, if a leak is to be believed

The singer has been previously referenced by Epic Games in its court case with Apple. It looks like the next music act to possibly have a collaboration with Fortnite is none other than Lady Gaga. According Fortnite Twitter account and leaker FNLeaksAndInfo, “a new collaborative emote” was added with a recent update called “Jug Band,” and when four players come together to perform it, a song plays that sounds very similar to Lady Gaga’s song Poker Face, as reported by GameSpot. FNLeaksAndInfo then posted a follow-up tweet sharing the audio in question, and yeah, it sure does sound like Poker…

destiny-2-datamine-shows-off-fortnite-crossover-skins,-zero-mentions-of-best-fruit-peely VG247

Destiny 2 datamine shows off Fortnite crossover skins, zero mentions of best-fruit Peely

The skins will likely be officially revealed at tomorrow’s showcase. Destiny 2 fans that feel like the game is missing a certain chug-jug flair might be happy to learn that some Fortnite crossover skins have leaked online. While both Destiny and Fornite are both shooters, in general their tone is quite different, with one obviously meant to be taken a bit more seriously than the other. So when you hear ‘Fortnite x Destiny 2 skins,’ you might rightly think ‘oh no, are they putting a giant banana man in Destiny,’ but as shown by dataminer Ginsor, the skins actually fit…

fortnite-taunts-us-all-with-the-no-sweat-summer-event Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Fortnite taunts us all with the No Sweat Summer event

It’s fair to say that this hasn’t been the coolest week on record in many places around the world, so I’m giving Fortnite the side-eye for the No Sweat Summer event that’s running until August 9th. It’s a bit daft, as you’d expect from Epic Games’ battle royale by this point. You’ll get the opportunity to boogie down, race boats and help rebuild Tilted Towers. Watch the trailer below and marvel at how they can all dance without keeling over. Read more

ultimate-audio-bang-#22:-have-shooters-become-too-demanding? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Ultimate Audio Bang #22: have shooters become too demanding?

On this week’s episode of the Ultimate Audio Bang, we turn our attention to shooters and their demands. They all want our undivided attention and for Hayden and I, it’s fast becoming a bit much. Believe it or not, we’re adults with clothes to fold and ovens to pre-heat! Daily quests and inane challenges aren’t bringing us back, if anything, they’re beginning to drive us away. Read more

fortnite-now-has-real-wu-tang-clan-clothing-you-can-buy-in-game VG247

Fortnite now has real Wu-Tang Clan clothing you can buy in-game

New outfits, a new glider, and more comes with this “Fortangerous” collaboration. Iconic hip-hop group the Wu-Tang Clan is now featured in Fortnite via a number of items based on their Wu Wear Fashion line. Available since yesterday (April 23), a number of items based on the Wu Wear fashion line are available in the item shop. Rather than other collaborations where skins of characters or people are available, this is specifically clothes that people can actually buy in the real world, if they want. There are two outfits to choose from, the Throwback BG Outfit, which comes with a…