forspoken-looks-like-a-faster,-zippier-ff15-in-fiery-new-gameplay-footage Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Forspoken looks like a faster, zippier FF15 in fiery new gameplay footage

Fantasy action RPG Forspoken has been delayed more times than most games, although it’s finally pencilled in for a January release date. We’re still quite a way off from then, but Sony have released a smattering more gameplay footage today, detailing the moves you’ll be pulling as heroine Frey “I’m seeing freaking dragons” Holland. Alas, said footage has been crushed down to only a handful of GIFs over on the PlayStation Blog, but our friends at Eurogamer have a bigger, chunkier hands on preview that tells us more about why it won’t be mega cringe. Alas, we weren’t privy to…

here’s-everything-you-missed-in-playstation’s-march-2022-state-of-play-stream VG247

Here’s everything you missed in PlayStation’s March 2022 State of Play stream

Didn’t stay up for Sony’s show? Internet drop out during a trailer? Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know. PlayStation held its first State of Play event of 2022 on March 9, and the vast majority of the titles we saw announced or teased hailed from Sony’s development partners in Japan. Sure, the show was only 20 minutes long, but it was a pretty jam-packed 20 mintues – we saw big new games debuted, as well as more esoteric projects and even some retro revisits, too. Because we know you’ve all got very busy lives (and lots…

forspoken-trades-spring-release-for-a-fall-debut VG247

Forspoken trades spring release for a fall debut

The game has been delayed a few months. Square Enix has announced a delay for Forspoken which was slated for release in May. The game will now be released on October 11. According to the announcement, the game needs a bit more polish before it’s ready for primetime. “Our vision for this exciting new IP is to deliver a game world and hero that gamers across the globe will want to experience for years to come, so getting it right is extremely important for us,” reads the statement. “To that end, during the next few months we will focus all…

square-enix-have-delayed-forspoken’s-launch-by-four-months Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Square Enix have delayed Forspoken’s launch by four months

Square Enix this week announced a four-and-a-bit-month delay for Forspoken, the open-world action-adventure game about a New Yorker pulled into a fantasy world. Previously due on the 24th of May, it’s now slated for the 11th of October. Sounds like Squeenix hope to make it the start of a new series, so they’re taking time to help ensure it’s proper good. Fair enough. Read more