Forgotten Empires

how-to-play-age-of-empires-2-as-a-hivemind,-and-why-it’s-incredible Rock,Paper,Shotgun

How to play Age Of Empires 2 as a hivemind, and why it’s incredible

Probably the most common woe, for all but the most unnaturally gifted players of real-time strategy games, is the feeling of being overwhelmed. Particularly in games from the genre’s “golden age” in the late 90s, there’s a relentless need to focus on several things at once, and endlessly jump back and forth between combat and economy. Age Of Empires 2, beautiful beast though it is, is certainly no exception, even with the concessions to modernity introduced in its Definitive Edition last year. However. What if I was to tell you there was a way to play the game, totally unmodded,…

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Help, I’m stuck playing the same two games

Each week on a Friday, RPS news priestess Alice O descends from her mountaintop fortress-monastery to pose the rest of us a single question: What are we all playing this weekend?. A simple ask, you might think. A nice way of sharing what we’re enjoying with each other and our readers. Not to me. In recent months, I’ve come to dread this question, as it’s always the prompt for a bout of frantic stress. “Oh crikey,” I’ll say, all breezy and optimistic. “I’ve heard good things about Dukes of Manglebum – might give that a go. Or maybe the new…

age-of-empires-2-is-about-to-drop-a-new-expansion-full-of-wine-powered-nightmare-men Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Age Of Empires 2 is about to drop a new expansion full of wine-powered nightmare men

Age Of Empires 2 is about to receive its sixth expansion pack, Lords Of The West, just a casual 22 years after the base game first wololoed its way onto our screens. From January 26th in the year of our lord 2021, players will be able to take the knight-happy Burgundians and the castle-dropping Sicilians for a spin, as well as play through three new campaigns – one each for the new civs, and a third for the Britons, featuring good old Edward Longshanks. Longshanks, of course, was the baddie off of Braveheart, and thus also the baddie off of…