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evil-west-review-–-one-of-the-year’s-best-action-games-let-down-by-outdated-level-design VG247

Evil West review – One of the year’s best action games let down by outdated level design

Evil West is a fun action game, but it could’ve been a lot more fun. There’s an early 2000s interview with director Quentin Tarantino in which a conservative pundit berates him about the level of gruesome violence in his movies. Their impassionate pleadings question the need for violence, but they’re met with a ridiculing, frustrated: “Because it’s so much fun, Jan. Get it?” I thought about that interview as I played Evil West, the new game from the shooter masters at Polish studio, Flying Wild Hog. Evil West is an old-school action game that blends melee combat with firearms; a…

evil-west-is-probably-your-favourite-action-game-of-2022 VG247

Evil West is probably your favourite action game of 2022

Flying Wild Hog has done it again; impeccable production values, watertight game feel, and the most satisfying kills around. Devil May Cry, Bulletstorm, and God of War walk into a bar. They all sit, have a drink, and chat about revenge (or something). Suddenly, a gravel-voiced cowboy with pissed off eyes and a six-shooter in his hand kicks the saloon doors in. “This is my turf, lads,” he says, sounding like he’s been on 12 packs of cigs a day since he was five years old. “We don’t need Norsemen, space edgelords, or the son of a demon king in…

trek-to-yomi-is-a-samurai-saga-that-oozes-style-and-simplicity Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Trek To Yomi is a samurai saga that oozes style and simplicity

From the small slice I’ve played of samurai slasher Trek To Yomi, I’m convinced it’s going to be the most Instagrammable game out there. Every frame looks gorgeous, capturing feudal Japan through a grainy black and white lens that evokes classic samurai flicks. Thankfully, there’s some substance to match this style too. Combat is elegant and the story seems refined, not bloated, which makes this a ronin romp worth watching out for. Read more

shadow-warrior-3-delayed-into-next-year Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Shadow Warrior 3 delayed into next year

The fast-paced, fast-talking violence of Shadow Warrior 3 will not arrive this year after all, now pushed back into “early 2022.” Devolver Digital and developers Flying Wild Hog explain it’s the usual reason: they want more time to make the FPS good, yeah? A good reason. For now, you can watch the new trailer announcing the delay. Read more

shadow-warrior-3-delayed-into-early-next-year VG247

Shadow Warrior 3 delayed into early next year

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Needs more time to “sharpen its blades.” Shadow Warrior 3 will not make it out this year, according to developer Flying Wild Hog. News of the delay was broke on Twitter and through an official delay announcement trailer which we have posted below. Publisher Devolver Digital stated on Twitter the team needs a bit more time with the game before it’s ready for release. Shadow Warrior 3 was announced in July 2020 and finds our titular hero Lo Wang and…

co-op-shooter-space-punks-looks-like-a-top-down-borderlands Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Co-op shooter Space Punks looks like a top-down Borderlands

I’m not being pithy for the sake of a headline. Space Punks really does look a lot like Borderlands: it’s a cartoonish, co-op looter shooter. The key differences are that it’s top-down (like Borderlands’ original inspiration of Diablo), the shooting looks a lot more fun and OTT, and the comedy begins and ends by adding the word ‘space’ to everything. Read more

shadow-warrior-devs-go-vampire-hunting-in-evil-west Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Shadow Warrior devs go vampire-hunting in Evil West

Flying Wild Hog, the studio behind the splendid Shadow Warrior reboot, tonight announced a brand new game of their own: Evil West. It’s about vampire-hunting cowboys armed with your traditional wild west guns and, ah, giant mechanical fists full of Swiss army murderknife attachments. Here, check out the announcment trailer’s rude ‘tude. (more…)

flying-wild-hog’s-evil-west-has-you-fighting-vampires-on-the-american-frontier VG247

Flying Wild Hog’s Evil West has you fighting vampires on the American frontier

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 11 December 2020 04:11 GMT Focus Home Interactive announced Flying Wild Hog’s upcoming game, Evil West, during The Game Awards this evening.Evil West is in development for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.In the game, a “dark menace” has descended upon the American frontier.As one of the last agents in a top-secret vampire-hunting institute, you are charged with eradicating the vampire threat and saving the country.You can expect “visceral, explosive combat,” as you “unleash hell with your firearms, lightning-fueled gauntlet and gadgets.”It can be played solo or in co-op with a friend in…