Flat Eye

the-night-call-devs-are-swapping-taxis-for-tech-fuelled-gas-stations-in-their-new-narrative-management-game Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Night Call devs are swapping taxis for tech-fuelled gas stations in their new narrative management game

Petrol stations might not be the most natural setting for pondering life’s biggest questions, but the ones in Flat Eye, the next game from the makers of detective taxi-me-do Night Call, aren’t your ordinary rest stops. As well as a convenient place to relieve yourself and top up on snacks, these futuristic service stations also house cosmetic surgery bots, operation tables, teleportation booths and more – and they’re all overseen by a powerful AI trying to find the best possible future for the human race. As the station’s head clerk, you’ll debate the ethics of eternal youth and end of…