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here’s-28-great-old-flash-games-that-just-got-re-released-as-a-collection Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Here’s 28 great old Flash games that just got re-released as a collection

Flash is dead but good chunks of former Flash games have survived the end thanks to preservation projects like the Internet Archive or Flashpoint. Here’s a whole 28 more games you may remember that have been re-released by their creator. The likes of Sugar Sugar, Factory Balls, Me And The Key and a lot more have been shined up and re-released today as The Bart Bonte Collection. Read more

adobe-flash-gets-one-last-update-before-being-killed-off Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Adobe Flash gets one last update before being killed off

So long, Flash. After decades of driving independent game developers, animators and artists, the venerable web tool is being shut down for good at the end of the month. This week, Adobe pushed the final release of Flash Player to the web with a fond farewell – and an encouragement to uninstall the compromised tool before official support ends on December 31st. It’s not every day a patch release tells you to delete a piece of software, but there you go. (more…)

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The original FarmVille is shutting down on Facebook in December

Summer’s well over now and it’s time to reap what’s been sown. Adobe’s decision to cease support for Flash will soon be bearing fruit, including FarmVille’s demise. You know, the farm simulation game that touched PC users’ hearts before Stardew Valley came along. Zynga’s later farming simulation games will continue on but the original will be going dark at the end of 2020. (more…)