Fire Emblem Engage

be-careful,-fire-emblem-engage-spoilers-have-already-leaked VG247

Be careful, Fire Emblem Engage spoilers have already leaked

Keep your eyes out for anything suspicious. If you were hoping to pick up Fire Emblem Engage at the end of the week, be careful, as it looks like some spoilers have already cropped up. Fire Emblem Engage is due out this Friday, January 20, and it looks like some fans already have their hands on copies of the game (thanks, GamesRadar). The general Fire Emblem subreddit has a post warning others that spoilers are out there, saying “The game has started to leak, be careful out there.” The user sharing the warning noted the subreddit already seems to have…

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Fire Emblem Engage is Three Houses turned up to 11, for better or worse – preview

If you’re concerned about the Persona-fication of Fire Emblem, you might want to temper your expectations for Engage. The task before Fire Emblem Engage is unenviable. The Fire Emblem series has experienced a meteoric rise – first with the fortune-reversing success of Awakening, which was conceived as the series’ final bow. Then a successful mobile game and Three Houses grew the series to new heights. Can Engage raise the bar even further? The latest world Fire Emblem takes you to certainly has a lot of depth. It’s clear that developer Intelligent Systems and publisher Nintendo have a plan to do…