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the-rps-selection-box:-katharine’s-bonus-games-of-the-year-2022 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The RPS Selection Box: Katharine’s bonus games of the year 2022

It’s a well-documented fact here at RPS that I love a good spreadsheet. Specifically, my spreadsheet that lists all the lovely games I manage to play each year. I’ve been looking at that spreadsheet a lot in recent weeks, and I’m pleased to report that most of my top game picks from this year have successfully made their way into the RPS Advent Calendar. There were plenty that didn’t, of course (pouring one out for you, Dorfromantik, Flat Eye, Dome Keeper and Lost In Play), but such is the way of things when your current list of completed games for…

civilization-6’s-leaked-leader-pass-confirmed;-lincoln-arrives-next-week Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Civilization 6’s leaked Leader Pass confirmed; Lincoln arrives next week

A whole bunch of classic Civilization leaders are coming back for Civilization 6’s upcoming Leader Pass, devs Firaxis have confirmed. You can expect 18 more leaders spread out over six DLC pack releases between November 21st and March 2023, 12 of whom are new leaders. Another six will be “new takes” on existing leaders from previous games in the Civ series. The Leader Pass’ existence was leaked by accident last week when promo art for the DLC appeared on the mobile version of the Civ website, before it was removed. Read more

civilization-6-is-getting-a-season-pass-that-adds-18-new-playable-leader-selections VG247

Civilization 6 is getting a season pass that adds 18 new playable leader selections

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. New leaders, new takes on older ones. After it leaked late last week, 2K Games has announced the Civilization 6: Leader Pass, a new season pass that adds 18 new playable leader selections to the game. The Leader Pass features 12 new leaders and six new leader takes across six DLC packs. It is included at no extra charge for new and existing Civilization 6 Anthology owners on Steam and Epic Games Store. Each leader arrives with a suite of…

how-marvel’s-midnight-suns-lost-the-race-with-the-mcu,-but-came-out-all-the-better-for-it Rock,Paper,Shotgun

How Marvel’s Midnight Suns lost the race with the MCU, but came out all the better for it

Chance has always been an integral part of Firaxis’ turn-based tactics games. Just ask the many thousands of players who missed a shot with a 90% success chance in one of their XCOM reboots. Marvel’s Midnight Suns, however, could be the Civilization studio’s biggest gamble yet. Not only is it their first game to mix substantial RPG elements into its tactical combat, but there’s nary a hit percentage in sight. In the four hours I spent playing the opening of Midnight Suns last week, I saw precisely one scenario that had any kind of per cent number attached to it…

xcom-studio’s-marvel-superhero-game-midnight-suns-is-delayed Rock,Paper,Shotgun

XCOM studio’s Marvel superhero game Midnight Suns is delayed

XCOM studio Firaxis have announced a delay for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, their turn-based tactics game in the BAM! BIF! POW! world of Marvel superheroes. Previously due in March 2022, it’s now pushed back into the second half of 2022. I say “previously”; the game was only announced two months ago. Sounds like someone had a serious rethink about the state of the project. But if it needs the time, it’s good that it’s getting the time. Read more

marvel’s-midnight-suns-gameplay-reveal-shows-card-based-combat-tactics,-the-importance-of-hero-relationships VG247

Marvel’s Midnight Suns gameplay reveal shows card-based combat tactics, the importance of hero relationships

Have a look at some Marvel’s Midnight Suns gameplay. Our first look at gameplay for Marvel’s Midnight Suns was shown off this afternoon, and you can watch the trailer below. The video provides you with a look at gameplay for the tactical RPG, along with some visual information on upgrades, skill choices, and dialogue. It even shows how the card-based system will work. In a narrated look at gameplay posted by IGN, it’s stated that the game features a highly customizable tactical battle system, and the ability to develop relationships with the various heroes in the game. Every hero in…

marvel’s-midnight-suns-from-firaxis-is-out-next-year VG247

Marvel’s Midnight Suns from Firaxis is out next year

The next game from Firaxis is Marvel’s Midnight Suns, and it’s coming from the team that brought you XCOM: Enemy Unknown. As you can see in the video, the game will feature Captain America, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Blade, Captain Marvel, Ghost Rider, Wolverine, and others. There will be 13 heroes in the game, once of which you can create yourself. This customizable character is called The Hunter, who is the child of Lilith, the game’s main villain who is also a demon. Your customizable character can use either light or dark powers. The story comes from the obscure storyline…

xcom-studio-are-making-a-marvel-turn-based-game,-rumours-say Rock,Paper,Shotgun

XCOM studio are making a Marvel turn-based game, rumours say

E3 is almost upon us, which means E3 rumours and supposed leaks are ramping up. Here’s a curious one: Firaxis, the studio behind the rebooted XCOM, are making a turn-based game with Marvel superheroes. The evidence supporting rumours of this ‘Codename CODA’ are pretty flimsy but welp, pre-E3 is the time for gossip and speculation. Honestly, I can see superpowers being a good fit for XCOM-esque action, but didn’t XCOM 2 already give soldiers so many more interesting and varied abilities than your average Marvel wizard? Read more

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Have you played… Sid Meier’s Civilization VI?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time. “Just one more turn.” For all that the phrase is most commonly attributed to the Civilization franchise, I’ve never really experienced that feeling with the games. Whenever I’ve wanted to pack the game in and continue another day, I’m able to do so. If the phrase were instead “Just one more game,” then that would much more accurately capture the influence Civilization VI in particular exerts over me. I’ve probably played through as many early-games in Civ VI as I’ve played…