how-tunic-was-born-from-a-lifelong-obsession-with-zelda,-secrets-and-hidden-object-games Rock,Paper,Shotgun

How Tunic was born from a lifelong obsession with Zelda, secrets and hidden object games

Tunic developer Andrew Shouldice has made no secret about his love of The Legend Of Zelda over the years. He’s not only spoken at length about how playing the original pair of Zelda games on the NES provided ample inspiration for his crafty hack and slasher, but you can also see it right there in the game itself, from your fox hero’s bright green outfit to the beautifully illustrated in-game manual you piece together to unravel the world’s mysteries. But speaking with Shouldice at GDC this year, I wanted to talk to him another other potential source of inspiration. Before…

the-rps-selection-box:-rachel’s-bonus-games-of-the-year-2022 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The RPS Selection Box: Rachel’s bonus games of the year 2022

It’s my first RPS Christmas Advent Calendar, whoooo! I feel so honored – and I’m pretty happy with how the GOTY 2022 Calendar turned out, as most of my top choices made it into the roster. However, great games are sure to fall by the wayside in any year – which is why we have our Selection Boxes of honorable mentions this year, right? For my picks I’ve swept up three quite different games, but I think they come together to give a very Rachel vibe. Read more

2022-games-of-the-year:-tunic,-and-dom’s-other-goty-picks VG247

2022 Games of the Year: Tunic, and Dom’s other GOTY picks

How a tiny little fox fought off the industry’s most imposing behemoths, armed soldiers, and a superhero team-up. It’s been, really, quite a good year for games. I’ve played a lot more than I thought I would, with some of the smaller titles impressing me more than I expected, and some of the bigger titles coming in as aggressively underwhelming. But, in the middle of the melee that was 2022’s release slate, there was one little indie that stood just that bit taller than the rest – and that’s ironic, given the stature of the little game’s little hero. Here’s…

tunic-is-coming-to-ps4-and-ps5-in-september VG247

Tunic is coming to PS4 and PS5 in September

Play as a fox exploring a wonderous and dangerous land. Tunic, the isometric action game about a small fox on a big adventure, is coming to PlayStation consoles on September 27. Revealed during the Xbox E3 2018 Briefing and available now on PC and Xbox systems, in the game, you play as the fox who is stranded on a mysterious beach. Armed with only your curiosity, you will confront large beasts, collect strange and powerful items, and unravel secrets on your adventure. While the game looks like a cute action-adventure game, you will be fighting monsters as you explore this…

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Tunic’s soundtrack is a shot of synth to soothe the soul

Lots of people (Katharine) said how much they liked Tunic. An isometric action game about a fox dressed as Zelda who goes an ickle wickle adventure. How good could it really be? Good apparently. Fine, sorry Tunic fans (mainly Katharine) I was very wrong. Brendy’s Tunic review (oh, and sorry Brendy) goes into why the game is an isometric treat. But there’s another thing I’d like to highlight: the music. It’s a magnificent work companion or study aid or meditative ascent to nirvana enabler. Read more

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Tunic review: a cunning Zelda homage with a touch of Souls

Clink your wine glass. Tunic is not so much a love letter to Zelda as it is a wedding speech. Many games pay their respects to the blonde lawn mower and his absentee princess, but few have such fondness and understanding of the exact feelings those adventures conjure up, the precise sensation of exploring, the nook-scavenging, and the meticulous internal mapping that happens when you play Zelda’s brand of wundergame. Tunic might have sacrificed some of its own identity in hitting every Ocarina note so perfectly, but when the result is such a capable homage it’s hard to complain. Read…

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Chicory: A Colorful Tale review: picture-perfect storytelling

Creativity lies at the heart of both Greg Lobanov’s games. In Wandersong, it was singing. In Chicory: A Colorful Tale, it’s painting. While not the most heroic of video game pursuits – indeed, Wandersong’s bard and Chicory’s janitor-turned-amateur brush wielder are repeatedly shown to be considerably less capable than their games’ personal and professional heroes – both end up playing critical roles in restoring their respective worlds to their former glory. They balance out the bad, and revive what was lost. It’s a feeling that anyone with a creative outlet can relate to, whether it’s drawing, singing, knitting, playing an…

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Overland now has all-dog squads in newest update

Despite being very, very bad at its turn-based tactical survival, I quite enjoy Overland. I always welcome a reason to jump back in and utterly fail at surviving an apocalyptic road trip across the country. Finji have given me another fantastic reason to get back behind the wheel. In its newest update, Overland adds an “all dogs” setting that guarantees your squad will only be made up of furry friends. Also there are pugs now. (more…)

elusive-fox-adventure-tunic-is-playable-this-weekend Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Elusive fox adventure Tunic is playable this weekend

It’s been a minute, eh Tunic? For as long as I’ve been paying attention, Andrew Shouldice’s sharp, foxy roll n’ slash has been hiding in the bushes. Ever-present, yet always skittering just out of sight. But while Tunic may be no closer to an eventual release, you can play a bit of it right now thanks to a free Gamescom demo. (more…)