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Microsoft Excel… esports? UK to take part in ‘Financial Modeling World Cup’

There’s been an ongoing joke over the years that UK esports organisation Excel Esports shares its name with spreadsheet software Microsoft Excel. The esports organisation sometimes gets tagged on Twitter by people wanting to mention the spreadsheet software, with people tagging @EXCEL instead of @msexcel. Some joke tweets are shared, memes are made, and nothing else happens further. Until now. Microsoft has announced it is sponsoring the ‘Financial Modeling World Cup’, a tournament featuring eight individuals representing different countries, including the UK. Continue reading Microsoft Excel… esports? UK to take part in ‘Financial Modeling World Cup’

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GameStop stock hit record high after Reddit-backed short squeeze

GameStop stock surged to its highest recorded share price over the weekend, hitting $76.76 per share on Friday, up nearly 80% in a single day.GameStop’s stock had been steadily rising for the past week, coming up from nearly $20 per share on January 12 and hitting the peak value on Friday thanks to an ongoing campaign from users on the subreddit WallStreetBets and some campaigns by YouTube and TikTok investment accounts (thanks, per Bloomberg (paywall), Friday’s flurry of Reddit-fuelled day-trading made GameStop (or GME) the most actively-traded US stock on the day and even causing trading to be halted multiple times…