Final Fantasy XIII

while-you-wait-for-final-fantasy-16,-consider-playing-the-unfairly-maligned-final-fantasy-13-on-game-pass VG247

While you wait for Final Fantasy 16, consider playing the unfairly maligned Final Fantasy 13 on Game Pass

Square Enix’s 2009 RPG was a departure for the series, and earned a lot of criticism for its experimental nature. But it was still pretty damn good, right? Everyone has their favourite Final Fantasy. Many love Final Fantasy 7 because of how much of an impact it left with its transition to 3D, and just because it was their first. There are those who love Final Fantasy 9 because, well, Vivi. As messy as it was, you can’t help but love those boys in 15. But there is possibly no more divisive a Final Fantasy than Final Fantasy 13. For…