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Final Fantasy 7 Remake appears in a hidden Epic Store product listing

I know a lot of us are still jealous of the shiny Final Fantasy 7 Remake that landed exclusively on the PS4 last year. Us PC folks have held out hope it would come our way even though Square Enix had nothing to say when FF7R’s PS4 exclusivity ended in April this year. The new PS5 upgraded version called Intergrade just launched this month too, also without mention of a snazzy PC port to match. There’s still no word. Not officially, anyway. There is a convincing new leak by way of a hidden Epic Games Store listing that specifically mentions…

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You Still Don’t Need A PlayStation 5

It’s been six months since the PlayStation 5 came out, and yet the Seto Kaiba action figure that can also run high-end video games remains comically hard to come by. For a while, this irked me. I wanted to be part of the new console generation—the zeitgeist. So I obsessively watched a Twitch channel dedicated to restock updates and even considered buying from a reseller. Then I got to thinking about what I’d actually do if I had a PS5 to call my own. Not much, it turns out.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 devs want to keep subverting player expectations

Final Fantasy 7 Remake co-director Naoki Hamaguchi and producer Yoshinori Kitase took part in an interview at CEDEC and spoke about their approach to creating Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2.The developers behind the as-yet-unnamed Final Fantasy 7 Remake sequel gave an interview at The Computer Entertainment Developers Conference where they acknowledged the sequel’s narrative structure and hinted that – going forward – there will likely be more deviations from the original game.During the interview (as translated Twitter user aitaikimochi), Kitase highlighted the significance of subverting player expectations satisfyingly – and that his goal was to deceive players in a positive way (thanks, Siliconera).As our very…