Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters

final-fantasy-5-releases-as-part-of-the-pixel-remaster-series-in-november VG247

Final Fantasy 5 releases as part of the pixel remaster series in November

The next entry in the Final Fantasy pixel remaster series will arrive next month. Square Enix announced today that Final Fantasy 5 will be released with upgraded pixel graphics and audio, as a faithful 2D remaster on November 10 for Steam and mobile platforms. The game stars a young man and his Chocobo, who find themselves drawn toward friends that will change their destiny. In the game, the wind currents begin to slow and stale which worries the king, Tycoon. To find out what’s going on, he heads to the Wind Shrine only to see the Wind Crystal shatter upon…

final-fantasy-iv’s-pixel-remaster-version-lands-on-pc-in-september Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Final Fantasy IV’s pixel remaster version lands on PC in September

In July, Square Enix tossed out those old mobile port versions of the classic Final Fantasy games that us PC folks have been playing and have started replacing them with fancier remasters. Fantasies Final I-III arrived in their Pixel Remaster versions at the end of July. The next party of adventurers is queued to head out next month, also with those modern niceties like new character pixel art, new menu designs, and an auto-battle function. You’ll be able to snag the adventurs of Kain and Cecil and company on September 8th when Final Fantasy IV‘s remastered version arrives. Read more

final-fantasy-pixel-remasters-are-out-and-fans-are-already-fixing-the-fonts Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters are out and fans are already fixing the fonts

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters have launched today, bringing versions of the early Final Fantasy games to PC that we hoped would finally be prettier than the not so nice-looking mobile ports we’d been treated to in the past. They are prettier, indeed, and even have new music, but all that was slightly overshadowed by the frankly terrible interface font choice. Fortunately, fans work fast and there are already instructions for “fixing” the pixel remaster fonts just hours after launch. Read more