final-fantasy-16’s-main-character,-world-and-more-revealed-in-latest-update VG247

Final Fantasy 16’s main character, world and more revealed in latest update

More information about Final Fantasy 16 has been revealed thanks to an official update from the game’s website that shows off more information about the game’s characters, setting and story.First up, the game’s protagonist now has a name: Clive Rosfield. He’s the guy you saw in the trailer at two different points in his life – once as a younger soldier then again as an older character, too.Clive will be protecting his brother Joshua throughout the game. Joshua Rosfield has some sort of connection to classic Final Fantasy summon, Phoenix, and the duo’s story will have something to do with that.“Joshua…

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Final Fantasy 16’s graphics are still being worked on

By Dom Peppiatt, Monday, 28 September 2020 09:37 GMT Final Fantasy 16 was officially announced for PS5 back at the PlayStation 5 showcase, and fans very quickly started to criticize the game’s graphics.Turns out, though, that the graphics we’ve seen in the trailer (below) aren’t final.During a special panel called ‘Stroll with Yoshi-P’ at Tokyo Games Show 2020, FFXVI producer Naoki ‘Yoshi-P’ Yoshida confirmed that the graphics are still being worked on and will be fine-tuned ahead of release.Thanks to a translation by Audrey on Twitter – and corroborated by Japanese press notes – Yoshida has noted that the trailer was put together to show…

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Now Square Enix is saying Final Fantasy 16 is only coming to PS5

The mess of broken promises and unclear messaging continues in the wake of PS5’s big event.Sony opened the PS5 Showcase with a reveal trailer for Final Fantasy 16. It was the only game in the show whose footage was captured on a PC emulating the PS5’s capabilities, whereas the rest were all captured on PS5.The trailer’s final slide specifically stated that the game is a PlayStation console exclusive, but will also be available on PC. Then, Square Enix properly announced Final Fantasy 16 through its official channels, with no mention of platforms other than PS5 to be found.When Gematsu followed…