the-best-ways-to-keep-your-overwatch-2-healer-alive,-as-told-by-tired-mercy-mains Twitch

The Best Ways To Keep Your Overwatch 2 Healer Alive, As Told By Tired Mercy Mains

Angela “Mercy” Ziegler has long been one of Overwatch 2’s most iconic heroes, and after years of being the scapegoat for when things go wrong in a match, the players who main this airborne healer are sick and tired of your shit. Mercy is the caretaker of the heroes of Overwatch, and as she flies over a battlefield, she sees all that happens between a payload’s starting point and its destination. So I talked to some Mercy players about what they want tanks, damage dealers, and fellow healers to know about in order to better help them help you help…

overwatch-2-holiday-mode-brings-back-enemy-freezing-for-sickos-who-miss-it Twitch

Overwatch 2 Holiday Mode Brings Back Enemy Freezing For Sickos Who Miss It

Overwatch 2’s various reworks and balance changes have fundamentally altered several characters from their original forms, and that shift means a lot of mechanics that were once key to the original game no longer exist in the sequel. This came as part of a larger change in the game to remove or alter crowd control abilities like Cassidy’s Flashbang and Brigitte’s Shield Bash which make the game altogether faster and more frantic.

overwatch-2’s-new-support-hero-can-block-headshots-by…looking-up Twitch

Overwatch 2’s New Support Hero Can Block Headshots By…Looking Up

Overwatch 2 continues to incur issue after issue, with the latest problem leaving the icy damage dealer Mei totally unplayable due to a “critical issue” with her Ice Wall ability. Well, Blizzard may also want to investigate the hero shooter’s newest support character, Kiriko, as it appears she can block headshot damage by simply [checks notes] staring up at the sky.

the-marvel-snap-world-record-for-most-points-is-absolutely-bonkers Twitch

The Marvel Snap World Record For Most Points Is Absolutely Bonkers

Marvel Snap players everywhere are sharing end-of-game match results with eye-popping numbers. But no matter what your scorecard says at the end, I’m willing to bet it’s child’s play compared to what I’m about to show you. Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a limit to how high your Marvel Snap score can go. And one man has already claimed this particular Marvel Snap glory.

overwatch-2’s-halloween-event-is-brimming-with-secrets,-if-you-know-where-to-look Twitch

Overwatch 2’s Halloween Event Is Brimming With Secrets, If You Know Where To Look

Halloween is nearly upon us, my ghouls, gals, and nonbinary pals. To celebrate the goblins of the night, Overwatch 2 will host its annual spooky in-game event, Halloween Terror, through November 8. The event introduces new terrifying skins and a co-op PvE mode, pitting you against hordes of zombie heroes. That’s cool, albeit frightful, but did you know there are also some haunting Easter eggs you can find in the game?