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citizen-sleeper-is-a-dystopian-slice-of-life-rpg-on-a-space-station Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Citizen Sleeper is a dystopian slice-of-life RPG on a space station

It’s the future and you’re living on a space station in the great beyond! But the future is bad, and you’re only a human consciousness in an failing artificial body owned by a corporation who want you back. That’s how it goes in Citizen Sleeper, a sci-fi slice-of-life RPG announced this week by the creator of In Other Waters. I am certainly up for visiting a distant lawless space station to eek out a living, thwart a corp, and maybe even make some friends. Check out the announcement trailer below. Read more

in-other-waters-developer’s-next-game-is-about-a-mysterious-space-uprising Rock,Paper,Shotgun

In Other Waters developer’s next game is about a mysterious space uprising

After exploring the depths of the seas in their last game, the developer behind In Other Waters‘ is heading to space. This next story game involves a space station that’s been commandeered by its engineers who’ve rejected corporate control and are repurposing it for some mysterious new goal. Its announcement teaser trailer doesn’t let on much, but it sure does have some lovely space music to set the mood in the meantime. Project Sidereal is expected to launch sometime in 2022. Read more

hades-and-control’s-writers-chatting-in-the-games-narrative-con-this-weekend Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Hades and Control’s writers chatting in the games narrative con this weekend

The online convention all about narrative games is kicking off this weekend. Even if you don’t usually go in for games with a wordcount to rival a hardback, you may find something up your alley in LudoNarraCon. The event begins this evening including talks and insights from the likes of folks involved with Hades, Control, Amnesia: Rebirth, The Outer Worlds, and more. Read more

genesis-noir-review Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Genesis Noir review

If malevolent aliens were designing a Matrix-style simulation to break my spirit, it would culminate in a house party. The party would be underwhelming at most. But then, in the kitchen at 3am, with only warm Tizer and Beefeater Gin left to drink, I would be cornered by a man determined to tell me all about jazz, film noir, and the formation of the universe. At 5am, he would move on to magical realism, and I would begin, stoically, to eat my own hands. There’s nothing wrong with any of these things, of course. But they are frequently used as…

the-best-game-you-missed-in-december-2020:-suzerain Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The best game you missed in December 2020: Suzerain

As 2020 goes kicking and screaming into that good night, we’ve rounded up some of the best games from the year that we didn’t end up covering. Check the Best Game You Missed tag for more. December has provided a bounty of games at the long-awaited death of a hideous year, but its greatest and most unexpected treasure is already clear to me. Suzerain is the modern successor to Hidden Agenda, an ancient political simulator I once described as “possibly the greatest political simulator ever made”. A fictional nation still bleeding from civil war has just overthrown a dictator, and…

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Open world sleuther Paradise Killer is out now

Mundane world murders are enough of a puzzle so hey how about one set in an alternate universe built to resurrect some gods? Paradise Killer is an open world murder mystery where investigation enthusiast Lady Love Dies has to figure out who the heck killed a handful of council members on Paradise Island. Grab your handy notebook because the mystery is out now. (more…)