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Chat about Citizen Sleeper with us in RPS Game Club today

It’s time for the next gathering of the RPS Game Club! From 4pm BST today, June 2nd, we’ll be chatting about all things Citizen Sleeper – your favourite moments, your most heart-breaking questlines, and lots more. We’ve been having a swell time revisiting one of our favourite games from last year for this month’s Game Club, and we hope you’ve had fun playing it as well. So why not come and join in the discussion? See you at 4pm sharp! Read more

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Citizen Sleeper’s DLC has taught me total failure is sometimes inevitable, and that’s okay

When my Sleeper escaped their ramshackle life on the fringes of Erlin’s Eye at the end of last year, they left behind a lot of unfinished business. I had to stop short my efforts to help Bliss make a go of her repair bay business, and Tala was left to finish making her brand-new distillery on her own. Yatagan agent Rabiyah probably has my name on an employment blacklist, too, after I upped sticks without telling them, and the spores of mushroom algae I’d been cultivating for Riko over in Greenway were no doubt left to rot and moulder somewhere….

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Citizen Sleeper is perfect for visual novel novices

For whatever reason, I’m quite good at reading physical books, but when presented with a visual novel game my attention span slumps. “It’s not you, it’s me”, rings true here, as it’s definitely not the fault of the video games. I trust that Phoenix Wright or Paranormasight are brilliant, but the sudden act of having to read lots in a game has never worked out for me. Then Citizen Sleeper came along for this month’s RPS Game Club – and I think I’m a changed man? I think I now get why people are excited about static images and dialogue…

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Indiescovery Episode 10: The Indievision Song Contest

Whoooo we’re officially in the double-digits gang! We’ve somehow managed to make it to episode 10 of Indiescovery without going completely feral and wrecking the joint. I say that, but this week’s episode is a little, shall we say, unhinged? Rebecca, Liam, and Rachel hadn’t really had a proper chat all week so there’s a lot of Friday energy and catching up, and the energy levels only increase when we start to talk about our main topic of this episode: Eurovision! And indie games, of course. Read more

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Indiescovery Episode 9: Our Steam-y confessions

We’re one episode away from being in the double digits, folks! Whoop! But for now, let’s dive into episode nine of Indiescovery. This time we’re chatting about our biggest Steam sins. That’s right, we’re revealing it all: shamefully ignored indie gems, outrageous playtimes, and games that we promise we’ll return to one day, honest! We also get into what we’ve been recently playing and then end, as always, with our hyperfixations. Read more

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Citizen Sleeper’s third and final free DLC is coming at the end of March

Dystopian tabletop-ish RPG Citizen Sleeper is receiving its third and final DLC episode at the end of the month. DLC for Citizen Sleeper was first announced last summer through a post-launch content roadmap, and with Episode: Flux and Episode: Refuge out the door, it’s now time for Episode: Purge, free for all owners on March 30th. Purge is introducing a new narrative arc alongside more characters, locations, and lore. Read more

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The RPS Selection Box: Rachel’s bonus games of the year 2022

It’s my first RPS Christmas Advent Calendar, whoooo! I feel so honored – and I’m pretty happy with how the GOTY 2022 Calendar turned out, as most of my top choices made it into the roster. However, great games are sure to fall by the wayside in any year – which is why we have our Selection Boxes of honorable mentions this year, right? For my picks I’ve swept up three quite different games, but I think they come together to give a very Rachel vibe. Read more

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Citizen Sleeper’s first free story DLC is out today

Flux is the first of cyberpunk thought-poser Citizen Sleeper’s free DLCs, and it launches into the game today. It’s the start of a series of three free episodes coming to the game, and features a new story that should last players around 1 or 2 hours. Catch a glimpse of what to expect when you watch the trailer below. Read more

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Paradise Killer devs on the benefits of being really, really weird

In a move befitting a game about immortal beings who live out countless repeating lives on artificial islands powered by human sacrifice, Paradise Killer is getting a re-release. Sort of. It’s coming to next-gen consoles today, with all platforms (including PC) getting some extra bits added for free that weren’t in the original 2020 release. Not bad for a game that Kaizen Game Works creative director Oli Clarke Smith thought would only really sell to “a niche of freaks”. If you’re not one of those freaks, I’d heartily recommend becoming one. Playing Paradise Killer is like going to a seaside…

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Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between launches March 31st

Surrealist indie game Glitchhikers, originally published in 2014, is getting expanded and re-released later this month. Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between is described as a “reborn and reimagined” version of the original, taking players on a trip through all the liminal hits: a late night drive, a deserted airport, an empty park, and an overnight train. Read more

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Citizen Sleeper is a dystopian slice-of-life RPG on a space station

It’s the future and you’re living on a space station in the great beyond! But the future is bad, and you’re only a human consciousness in an failing artificial body owned by a corporation who want you back. That’s how it goes in Citizen Sleeper, a sci-fi slice-of-life RPG announced this week by the creator of In Other Waters. I am certainly up for visiting a distant lawless space station to eek out a living, thwart a corp, and maybe even make some friends. Check out the announcement trailer below. Read more

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In Other Waters developer’s next game is about a mysterious space uprising

After exploring the depths of the seas in their last game, the developer behind In Other Waters‘ is heading to space. This next story game involves a space station that’s been commandeered by its engineers who’ve rejected corporate control and are repurposing it for some mysterious new goal. Its announcement teaser trailer doesn’t let on much, but it sure does have some lovely space music to set the mood in the meantime. Project Sidereal is expected to launch sometime in 2022. Read more

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Hades and Control’s writers chatting in the games narrative con this weekend

The online convention all about narrative games is kicking off this weekend. Even if you don’t usually go in for games with a wordcount to rival a hardback, you may find something up your alley in LudoNarraCon. The event begins this evening including talks and insights from the likes of folks involved with Hades, Control, Amnesia: Rebirth, The Outer Worlds, and more. Read more

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Genesis Noir review

If malevolent aliens were designing a Matrix-style simulation to break my spirit, it would culminate in a house party. The party would be underwhelming at most. But then, in the kitchen at 3am, with only warm Tizer and Beefeater Gin left to drink, I would be cornered by a man determined to tell me all about jazz, film noir, and the formation of the universe. At 5am, he would move on to magical realism, and I would begin, stoically, to eat my own hands. There’s nothing wrong with any of these things, of course. But they are frequently used as…