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The Electronic Wireless Show podcast S2 Ep 4: biblically accurate dating simulator

This week on The Electronic Wireless Show podcast our interest was piqued by new trailers for a Jesus simulator and a politics in hell strategy game. We ask ourselves: why are there so many hell-themed games and so few heavenly ones? Is it blasphemy? What would our pitch for a game set in heaven be? (Spoilers for that last one: there’s a lot of admin involved). We also chat about what we’ve been playing this week, and Nate orchestrates a mini-game pitchathon that goes at least somewhat off the rails. Read more

the-electronic-wireless-show-episode-194:-the-best-towers-in-games-special Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Electronic Wireless Show episode 194: the best towers in games special

Matthew is away this week, which leaves me and Nate to take over The Electronic Wireless Show podcast and turn it into a big ol’ tower with loads of flamethrowers. That’s because we’re talking about our favourite towers in games. This means we need to draw a distinction between towers (the gamified concept as most popularly complained about in Ubisoft games) and towers (the architectural thing). Luckily, games have a lot of both. Meanwhile, Nate’s fish issue (fisssue?) is growing worse, I am enjoying the local acts performing on the summer bandstand, and we talk about Lord Of The Rings…

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The Electronic Wireless Show episode 193: our most nostalgic games

Come with us now on a journey to our childhoods, as we on the Electronic Wireless Show podcast talk about the games that make us feel the most nostalgic. The games we played as kids, or spent all-nighters on as teens. It’s a surprisingly diverse list, and Matthew has one anecdote in particular involving the music of Danny Elfman that I think makes this a genuine must-listen episode. Do you have the same nostalgia games? Which ones instantly transport you to the past? Read more

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The Electronic Wireless Show episode 191: the best games from Not E3 2022

This week Matthew and Nate are both away, but luckily I’m joined by two very special guests to discuss our favourite games from Summer Geoff Fest and the Not E3 2022 steams and showcases this past weekend. Rebecca from our guides team has been doing exhaustive work doing live chats and roundups for almost all the streams, and Edders was actually out in Los Angeles to play some games and chat to people. He even saw St. Geoff in the flesh. Wowser! Read more

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The Electronic Wireless Show episode 190: the best games that should be toys special

Despite Matthew almost wilfully misunderstanding the topic for this week’s Electronic Wireless Show podcast, we manage to settle down and talk about the games we’d most like to have toy sets of. What game d’you think would be the best Lego set? Action figures? Obscure 80s and 90s toy? Oh, we have fun on this show. Diversions this week are predictably about toys we had as kid, including a very long sidebar about Mighty Max, and Matthew’s reverse-engineered Boglin hatred derived from his sad childhood. We also have some obligatory Platty Joobs round-up chat, and there’s an unintentionally difficult Cavern…

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The Electronic Wireless Show episode 189: the best thing from a game you want in real life

This week on the Electronic Wireless Show podcast we clear up an initial misunderstanding but eventually get in sync and talk about the game things we’d want in real life: health packs, tetris, inventory management. By their powers combined we manage to create an absolutely nightmarish dystopian society where people live forever but cannot put more than four of the same thing in a line. It’s bleak. Games should stay in games. Matthew continues the Wolfe Carlton saga, Nate is making a crayfish into a mini-model, and I have a cold. A regular cold! No funny business. Matthew also does…

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The Electronic Wireless Show podcast episode 187: the funniest games special

After some of the stuff we talked about in last week’s episode, I decided to take us further down the giggle chute to talk about funny games in general. What games are funny? Why, and how? Is it easier for games to be funny when they’re not trying to be? Should self-described funny games be avoided entirely? Because of this, we end up talking about Blorko again. We also nearly come to war about the difference between randomly improvising funny stuff and deciding that saying ‘egg’ a lot of is funny. There is a difference, but you know it when…

the-electronic-wireless-show-podcast-episode-185:-the-best-dungeons-in-games-special Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Electronic Wireless Show podcast episode 185: the best dungeons in games special

Nate returns, and with him the suspicious smell of eggs and salt water. But also highjinks! We discuss toilet meals, revenge, and content theft of “It’s me, Blorko!” and other instances of stolen Twitter valour. If valour exists on Twitter. This is, of course, all prelude to us talking about some of our favourite dungeons in video games – there are a lot! Shout out to Zelda, which Nate hasn’t played, but also Hades, Elden Ring and – of course – Dungeon Keeper. And many more! Read more

the-electronic-wireless-show-episode-183:-the-best-games-in-games-in-games Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Electronic Wireless Show episode 183: the best games in games in games

As I mention on the episode, we’ve now organised our podcast recordings with a big spreadsheet, which means that (in theory) repeat topics on The Electronic Wireless Show podcast should be at a minimum. But for now we may have doubled up again, as we talk about games that have other, smaller games in them, like a Kinder Egg or a novelty casino. Before that we have a big more egg chat to get out of the way, and a decent discussion on some of Henry Cavill’s recent activities. Also I complain about how there are too many Marvel heroes…

electronic-wireless-show-podcast-episode-181:-the-best-mums-in-games-special Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Electronic Wireless Show podcast episode 181: the best mums in games special

Like all badly behaved children, we’re guiltily celebrating Mother’s Day a week late this year on The Electronic Wireless Show podcast. This time we’re talking about our favourite mothers in games, which basically means we’re talking about a bunch of angels and monsters. But come for the mother chat, stay for the cursed chickens, Matthew’s eel/snake hatred, and a description of the very real way that Henry Cavill eats eggs. Plus I play one of the best Cavern Of Lies I think I’ve ever done. Apologies again for sounding a bit echoey this week as I await the delivery of…

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Electronic Wireless Show podcast episode 172: the best finishing moves in games special

This week the Electronic Wireless Show podcast is going all in on our favourite finishing moves. This doesn’t just mean things from fighting games, although they do obviously make a good showing. As you can imagine, Nate makes the case for RTS games with what he and his pals term ‘the GG push’. Plus, we have a great Mortal Kombat themed Cavern Of Lies this week, courtesy of Matthew. Much time is spent on some excellent digressions this week, including James McAvoy as a rampaging dinosaur from Jurassic Park (a state of affairs that I think would have improved his…

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The Electronic Wireless Show episode 170: the best houses to live in in games special

There was a small recording blip at the start of this week’s podcast, but apart from the opening banter we’ve got a great episode this week. We open an estate agent to appraise the houses in games that would actually be good to live in. It turns out there aren’t that many. Not a lot of them would be convenient. There’s an excellent Cavern Of Lies this week, in which Nate hosts a game-themed episode of Through The Keyhole in character as Lloyd Grossman/a robot version of Matt Berry. We also have some great diversions and some opening chat about…

ews-podcast-episode-162:-the-best-literary-adaptations-in-games-special Rock,Paper,Shotgun

EWS podcast episode 162: the best literary adaptations in games special

Hey podcast fans. Mum’s away this week, which means the inmates have taken over the asylum once again. The temptation was to play another round of Sweeten The Deal, but instead Nate and I were good little podcast boys and delivered a surprisingly on point discussion of our favourite videogame adaptations of literary works. Well, I say ‘on point’; there’s a fair amount of discussion of new Dune, too, which is what got us thinking about successful book to screen journeys. Sadly, the House Atreides bagpipe band were not available for a rousing rendition of the podcast theme. There’s also…

ews-podcast-episode-145:-the-best-dlc-special Rock,Paper,Shotgun

EWS podcast episode 145: the best DLC special

This week the Electronic Wireless Show podcast is all about DLCs and expansions. We even briefly flirt with actual journalism by discussing some of the controversy associated with expansions and DLC and the Oblivion Horse Armour incident. There is, however, an extended break in the middle of discussing DLC where we talk about Toby Carveries. Oh, don’t worry if you don’t know what that is: we explain. We also talk about Pirates Of The Caribbean, gravy and Toby Jugs, although sadly Matthew does not have any new treats to discuss this week. But there is an excellent Cavern Of Lies…

the-electronic-wireless-show-podcast-episode-138:-the-best-water-in-games-special Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Electronic Wireless Show Podcast episode 138: the best water in games special

Back once again with a topic that I suspect we may have done before, it’s the Electronic Wireless Show podcast. This week we’re talking about the best water in games, but we also take the time to discuss what we think counts as a sandwich (we are surprisingly on the same page with it). Digressions, apart from the sandwich thing, are surprisingly few, although we make time to talk about what Andrew Ryan would be like if he took a trip to the London Aquarium with Matthew, and there’s a pretty off-topic Cavern of Lies in there too. Read more