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the-fallout:-london-mod-is-bringing-nuclear-war-elephants-to-the-uk-in-2023 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Fallout: London mod is bringing nuclear war elephants to the UK in 2023

Post-apocalyptic mod Fallout: London will arrive next year, the development team have announced with a new video released as part of the Fallout For Hope charity initiative. It’s a DLC-sized mod for Fallout 4 that’s bringing the unchanging nuclear war across the pond. Doff your bowler hat out of respect for all the nuked chippies, and watch the trailer below. Read more

fallout-4-mod-set-in-london-features-the-voices-of-two-classic-doctor-whos VG247

Fallout 4 mod set in London features the voices of two classic Doctor Whos

An incredibly impressive-looking “DLC-sized mod.” An incredibly impressive mod for Fallout 4 called Fallout London, first revealed last year, has shown off around 20 minutes of gameplay. All mods are equal, but some mods are more equal than others. That happens to be the case with this particular mod, Fallout London, which essentially looks like an entire game in its own right. A new gameplay trailer shows off what looks to be the first roughly 20 minutes of gameplay for the “DLC-sized mod,” with a pretty classic style opening. There’s a slideshow explaining what happens when the bombs dropped in…

a-squid-game-clone-is-taking-over-twitch Twitch

A Squid Game Clone Is Taking Over Twitch

All over Twitch right now, Crab Game—much like the cephalopodic Netflix show it so gleefully emulates—is a multiplayer battle royale game where players compete in a series of events based on childhood games. One by one, they are eliminated, until the last surviving player is crowned the winner. It’s created by Norwegian developer, Dani, who earlier this year found similar Steam-based popularity with survival-roguelite game, Muck.

you-can-visit-new-vegas-again-in-a-fallout-4-mod Rock,Paper,Shotgun

You can visit New Vegas again in a Fallout 4 mod

What happens in New Vegas stays in New Vegas, they say, though New Vegas itself will not stay in Fallout: New Vegas. A new mod named Project Mojave is attempting to recreate a lot of the post-apocalyptic Sin City and surrounding areas as a Fallout 4 mod, and you can play the first slice now. But to manage your expectations: it is not an attempt to recreate Obsidian Entertainment’s game Fallout: New Vegas inside Fallout 4. Read more

the-dog-that-played-dogmeat-in-fallout-4-has-died Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The dog that played Dogmeat in Fallout 4 has died

River, the gorgeous German Shepherd who played Dogmeat in Fallout 4, has died. She was owned by Joel Burgess, former lead level designer on the game, who would bring River into the studio so the developers could learn from her behaviour. In a lovely Twitter thread that’s made me a bit teary, he talks about River’s role and how she wasn’t just Dogmeat’s in-game model, but a companion to both the player and team. Read more

fallout:-london-is-another-impressive-looking-fallout-4-mod-project Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Fallout: London is another impressive-looking Fallout 4 mod project

Yet another giant Fallout 4 modding project has released a trailer for an ambitious expansion-sized campaign. Fallout: London is planning to take players to see how the war affected things in the UK. London may change, but war doesn’t. Things look just as irradiated, divided, and gritty as you’d expect from a major Fallout 4 mod project. There’s no release date yet, and it’s certainly looking like there will be plenty of infighting between its new, British factions. No Enclave or Brotherhood of Steel here. Read more

skyrim,-fallout-4,-fallout-76,-prey-and-dishonored-all-get-fps-boost-today-on-xbox-series-s|x VG247

Skyrim, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, Prey and Dishonored all get FPS Boost today on Xbox Series S|X

As promised, Microsoft has enhanced some of Bethesda’s backwards compatible games for Xbox Series X/S – and from today, Dishonored: Definite Edition, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, Prey, and Skyrim Special Edition have all received an FPS Boost.In case you need a recap on the feature, it employs a variety of methods for nearly doubling the original framerate on select titles, leveraging the power of the Xbox Series S/X in order to make even older games look smoother and play better.As teased last week, to celebrate the acquisition of Bethesda, Microsoft has improved a series of ‘significant’ Bethesda titles on modern consoles with…