Fallout 3

loads-of-xbox-360-games-have-received-mysterious-updates-ahead-of-xbox’s-20th-anniversary VG247

Loads of Xbox 360 games have received mysterious updates ahead of Xbox’s 20th anniversary

Some fan-favourite Xbox 360 games have received updates ahead of Xbox’s big 20th anniversary event later this week. I don’t know about you, but Xbox is feeling 20, too. Ahead of the company’s planned anniversary stream tomorrow, Microsoft has issued a series of updates to some fan-favourite Xbox 360 games that may end up enhancing backwards compatibility for the titles. A lot of the titles are from Bethesda, so it makes sense that Xbox wants to shine a light on them – what’s the point in acquiring a company for $7.5 billion if you can’t show off the goods, after…

oh-my-god,-fallout-3-has-removed-games-for-windows-live Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Oh my god, Fallout 3 has removed Games For Windows Live

After 13 years, Fallout 3 has finally removed Microsoft’s reviled (and broken) Games For Windows Live service from the Steam release. Hooray! FO3 is still busted because Bethesda haven’t updated the game to run happily on modern Windows, but I’ll take any opportunity to dance on GFWL’s grave. However, avoid the update if you play FO3 with lots of mods. Read more