have-you-played…-factorio? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Have You Played… Factorio?

It takes a very special game to give you so much to learn, so many ways to do everything, that even after 1000 hours of playtime you still feel like a beginner. Factorio is daunting in the extreme, and I remember bouncing off it the first time I tried. Thank goodness I gave it a second chance. Building up a gigantic world-spanning, atmosphere-destroying factory slowly and methodically over dozens of hours is probably my favourite singleplayer experience in games. Read more

factorio-expansion-goal-is-to-feel-“as-big-an-addition-as-the-whole-vanilla-game” Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Factorio expansion goal is to feel “as big an addition as the whole vanilla game”

One year after announcing a paid expansion for Factorio, the developers still haven’t revealed much of what it’ll bring. But they have now confirmed something that might not be big but is large: they plan for the expansion to feel as big as the whole base game all over again. Factorio is not a small game, so that’s an impressive plan. Read more

prison-architect’s-developers-almost-made-a-3d-factorio-in-2017 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Prison Architect’s developers almost made a 3D Factorio in 2017

Introversion Software, the makers of Prison Architect, have been making a video series about all the prototypes they’ve created and scrapped over the past several years. This month’s prototype is ‘Minecraft Factory’ or ‘Voxel Factory’, an attempt in 2017 to make a Factorio-like game out of Minecraft-style blocks. You can watch a video where they demonstrate the prototype and why they binned the idea – and then you can buy and play it, if you like, with all the money going to charity. Read more