Face mask

if-you-buy-a-halo-face-mask,-the-profits-will-be-used-to-make-two-more-for-frontline-workers VG247

If you buy a Halo face mask, the profits will be used to make two more for frontline workers

You can now buy an officially licensed Halo face mask online, and if you do, the profits will be used to manufacture two more for medical facilities and frontline workers. A new type of Halo face mask is now available to purchase on Metathreads. At $19.95, it’s pretty steep – however, the description notes that for every Halo face mask sold, two more will be provided to people working in healthcare and other frontline services free of charge.If you’re curious and are feeling particularly charitable, you can check out the design of the Halo face mask below, which is being…