everspace-2’s-first-major-update-adds-new-story,-enemies,-ships-and-more VG247

Everspace 2’s first major update adds new story, enemies, ships and more

By Sherif Saed 15 April 2021 12:56 GMT A big Everspace 2 patch is on the horizon.Rockfish Games has unveiled the next major update coming to Everspace 2, the studio’s stellar modern take on Freelancer. The patch, due April 28, will be the game’s first major one in Early Access.Watch on YouTubeFor starters, the update continues the game’s story with three new main missions, and three side missions. Elek, from the original game’s Encounters expansion, returns with this update as one of your in-game companions, offering unique dialogue and gameplay perks. One of those even includes calling Elek in as…

everspace-2-is-inching-closer-to-being-a-modern-freelancer VG247

Everspace 2 is inching closer to being a modern Freelancer

When Everspace 2 was first revealed, I got a little worried. The original game is a favourite of mine, but it was very much a less-is-more kind of game. Everspace 2 promised RPG-like mechanics, loot and a few other elements that I feared could unnecessarily bloat it. Having now played the near-final Early Access build – which goes on sale on Monday – I can safely say that my fears were misplaced.Everspace 2 feels like the perfect sequel. All the usual baseline upgrades, from visuals to scale and scope have all been made, but the game’s biggest triumph is how…