british-esports-championships-student-finals-to-take-place-at-a-live-venue-in-july ESports News UK

British Esports Championships student finals to take place at a live venue in July

For transparency: Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco used to work full-time for British Esports and currently does some freelance work for them The British Esports Association has partnered with Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies to host its 2021 student finals. The British Esports Championships consist of League of Legends, Overwatch and Rocket League tournaments for students aged 12+ in schools and colleges across the UK. Confetti’s 400-seat live events venue in Nottingham, known as Metronome, will host the grand finals on July 3rd 2021. Continue reading British Esports Championships student finals to take place at a live venue in July

msi-&-vct-masters-interview-with-asbjorn-asbjornsson-from-the-icelandic-esports-association:-“these-are-the-biggest-events-iceland-has-ever-held,-period.-and-we’ve-had-artists-like-justin-bieber-and-ed-sheeran-playing-here-in-the-last-few-years!” ESports News UK

MSI & VCT Masters interview with Ásbjörn Ásbjörnsson from the Icelandic Esports Association: “These are the biggest events Iceland has ever held, period. And we’ve had artists like Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran playing here in the last few years!”

Image credit: Dusty The League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) and Valorant Championship Tour (VCT) Masters Stage 2 will take place in Iceland’s capital Reykjavík in May. This is a historical landmark for the Nordic nation and marks the first time they’ve been chosen to host not one, but two prestigious esports tournaments back-to-back. While these are live events taking place at Laugardalshöll football stadium, there won’t be any fans in attendance given the pandemic. Continue reading MSI & VCT Masters interview with Ásbjörn Ásbjörnsson from the Icelandic Esports Association: “These are the biggest events Iceland has ever held, period….

london’s-here-east-complex-to-host-uk-esports-festival-stack-fest ESports News UK

London’s Here East complex to host UK esports festival Stack Fest

London is set to host a new three-day esports festival known as Stack Fest, which will take place at the Here East complex in September 2021. Stack Fest will encompass three streams across three days. Day 1 (September 9th) whill host ‘Esports Ambition’, designed for those working within the esports and games industry and B2B markets. Talent Aspiration (September 10th), led by Education Partner Staffordshire University London, is for those who want to build a career from their passion for games. Continue reading London’s Here East complex to host UK esports festival Stack Fest

bandai-namco-next-trademark-hints-at-direct-style-show-from-the-elden-ring-publisher VG247

Bandai Namco Next trademark hints at Direct-style show from the Elden Ring publisher

By Dom Peppiatt, Monday, 1 March 2021 16:13 GMT Bandai Namco has trademarked Bandai Namco Next, which could be Bandai Namco’s version of Sony’s State of Play or Nintendo’s Direct.A recent trademark filing (now removed) that popped up at the European Union Intellectual Property Office seemed to tease a new showcase coming from Elden Ring, Tekken, and Tales Of publisher, Bandai Namco.The trademark was filed on December 29 and was approved towards the end of January, and covers something called “Bandai Namco Next.” Seemingly keen to protect its back, Bandai Namco ensured the trademark filing covered products and services including amusement parks,…

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Fall Guys gets a Red Panda costume, but you need to pick it up soon

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 14 February 2021 16:36 GMT Fall Guys has an adorable new costume up for grabs, but if you want to dress your bean as a Red Panda you’ll have to be quick.Fall Guys developer Mediatonic is feeling the love today and offering out a “Valentine’s Gift” to players of the game show-inspired battle royale game.It’s not quite the no-strings-attached freebie you may want on this romantic holiday, though, since if you want to pick up the new costume you’ll have to head into the in-game store and drop 1000 kudos on the cosmetic.If you’re in need…

pokemon-world-championships-2021-axed-due-to-coronavirus VG247

Pokemon World Championships 2021 axed due to coronavirus

By Alex Calvin, Friday, 12 February 2021 16:55 GMT Event has been bumped until next year.The Pokemon Company has cancelled the Pokemon World Championships this year because of the coronavirus.In a post on its website, the firm wrote that the upcoming event for the Pokemon Trading Card Game, video game, and its Pokken Tournament DX World Championships would be moved until 2022. This is due to – what else? – the on-going coronavirus pandemic.The Pokemon Company says it has spoken to the World Health Organization, Public Health England, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in order to help…

nintendo-blocks-smash-bros.-tournament-over-mod-use VG247

Nintendo blocks Smash Bros. tournament over mod use

By Alex Calvin, Friday, 20 November 2020 13:07 GMT Another new foe has appeared!The Big House, a Super Smash Bros. tournament, has been cancelled after Nintendo issued a cease and desist order.The event organisers announced the news via Twitter, saying that Nintendo of America ordered it to cancel the tournament over its use of mods.The Big House is a US Smash Bros tournament that has been taking place every year since 2011. This year’s online-only event was set to have fans brawling in Nintendo Switch title Smash Bros Ultimate, as well as GameCube release, Smash Bros Melee.As the latter doesn’t…

animal-crossing:-new-horizons-halloween-event-guide VG247

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Halloween event guide

By Lauren Aitken, Friday, 30 October 2020 12:06 GMT Halloween is almost here in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Jack has a new trick-or-treat event for you to enjoy with friends. Throughout October, you’ll have been purchasing Halloween costumes from the Able Sister’s store, grabbing Candy from Nook’s Cranny and growing Pumpkins, now it’s time to have some spooky fun. There will be lots to do and new recipes to find, so let’s get started.Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Halloween event guideThis Saturday – October 31, for the uninitiated – Jack will be available in your island’s plaza on Halloween…