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UK CoD trio win World Series of Warzone

An all-UK Call of Duty trio have reigned triumphant in the latest World Series of Warzone EU tournament. The trio consisted of Luminosity streamer WarsZ, Quadrant streamer Fifakill and London Royal Ravens streamer and Red Bull athlete, Jukeyz. The competition featured a $300,000 prize pool overall, and the UK trio took home $50,000, or around $16,666 each. They racked up a score of 148, ahead of second-place LouiCM, Lenun and Vapulear from Team Delirium who achieved 126, according to Dexerto. Continue reading UK CoD trio win World Series of Warzone

interview-with-fnatic-top-laner-adam:-‘i-want-to-go-to-worlds-directly-this-season,-and-show-the-world-there’s-a-top-laner-in-europe-that-can-match-all-the-legends-in-asia’ ESports News UK

Interview with Fnatic top-laner Adam: ‘I want to go to Worlds directly this season, and show the world there’s a top-laner in Europe that can match all the legends in Asia’

Image credit: Lolesports Flickr After an ultimately disappointing Spring 2021 LEC Season by Fnatic’s standards, the team made moves that shocked the European League of Legends (LoL) fanbase: letting star jungler Selfmade go, switching Bwipo to jungle and acquiring a new face from the European Regional Leagues (ERLs) in Adam ‘Adam‘ Maanane. For those who only watched the LEC, 19-year-old Adam was an enigma. For those who watched his games with Karmine Corp in the French LFL and the EU Masters, Adam was an exciting transfer. Continue reading Interview with Fnatic top-laner Adam: ‘I want to go to Worlds directly…

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Footballer Aubameyang and esports org Galaxy Racer launch Europe vs Middle East cross-regional Fortnite tournament

Galaxy Racer, the esports organisation based in the Middle East, North Africa and South-East Asia, is launching a new cross-regional esports tournament. The Galaxy Racer Aubameyang Cup, starting August 1st 2021, will see Fortnite duos from across the Middle East and Europe collide online. The tournament is named after Arsenal and Gabon football star Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (pictured) and his half-brother William-Fils – both renowned fans of the popular battle royale game. Continue reading Footballer Aubameyang and esports org Galaxy Racer launch Europe vs Middle East cross-regional Fortnite tournament

interview-with-excel-valorant-players-moe40-and-rubino:-“there’s-always-going-to-be-pressure-but-it-depends-how-it’s-handled-we-have-the-potential-to-be-great,-but-there’s-a-lot-of-hard-work-to-get-there-–-with-time-i-believe-we-can-be-a-top-team.” ESports News UK

Interview with Excel Valorant players Moe40 and Rubino: “There’s always going to be pressure but it depends how it’s handled. We have the potential to be great, but there’s a lot of hard work to get there – with time I believe we can be a top team.”

Back in March, UK organisation Excel Esports entered the Valorant esports scene, and after failing to reach the VCT Stage 2 Masters LAN in Iceland, changes were made with Excel bringing in former Fnatic player Muhammad ‘Moe40’ Hariff and Ruben ‘Rubino‘ Villarroel Brødreskift from Team Heretics, as well as moving Vincent ‘Happy’ Cervoni Schopenhauer to be the in-game leader. The roster bootcamped in Malta for the VCT Stage 3 Challengers 1 tournament but did not manage to qualify for the event. Continue reading Interview with Excel Valorant players Moe40 and Rubino: “There’s always going to be pressure but it depends how it’s handled. We have…

as-valve-suffers-setbacks-with-sweden,-could-the-dota-2-international-head-to-the-uk-in-the-future?-we-ask-talent,-fans-and-members-of-the-uk-esports-community-for-their-thoughts ESports News UK

As Valve suffers setbacks with Sweden, could the Dota 2 International head to the UK in the future? We ask talent, fans and members of the UK esports community for their thoughts

This week, Valve announced that Dota 2’s biggest annual esports event – The International (TI) – may not take place in Stockholm, Sweden, as planned, due to complications with the Swedish government and sports bodies making it difficult for esports talent to secure visas. Valve is now ‘looking for possible alternatives elsewhere in Europe’ to host TI10 this year, in case the Swedish government is unable to accommodate it. So, Esports News UK asks, what about the UK? Continue reading As Valve suffers setbacks with Sweden, could the Dota 2 International head to the UK in the future? We ask…

uk-casters-lead-wild-rift-origin-series-broadcast-line-up-including-tridd,-deman,-dezachu-and-excoundrel,-with-three-uk-teams-in-group-a ESports News UK

UK casters lead Wild Rift Origin Series broadcast line-up including Tridd, Deman, Dezachu and Excoundrel, with three UK teams in Group A

A mix of experienced British esports casters have joined the upcoming League of Legends: Wild Rift Origin Series broadcast talent line-up. And there’s three UK teams involved: Team Future, Reason Gaming and Resolve. Tridd will host the Riot Games tournament for the Europe, CIS, Turkey and MENA regions, which features a €300,000 prize pool. Casters will include UK/France caster Maxman30, as well as Brits Excoundrel, Dezachu and Deman, the latter of which has built up a ton of esports desk experience over the past decade, including the earlier days of League of Legends esports. Continue reading UK casters lead Wild…

riot-announces-main-partner-for-12-league-of-legends-european-regional-leagues-including-uk/nordics-nlc,-as-well-as-the-eu-masters,-lcl-and-lec ESports News UK

Riot announces main partner for 12 League of Legends European Regional Leagues including UK/Nordics NLC, as well as the EU Masters, LCL and LEC

Riot Games has announced that KitKat will be a main partner across several of its League of Legends tournaments in Europe. KitKat will be a main partner of the LEC and EU Masters through to 2023, and of the Continental League (LCL), 12 European Regional Leagues (ERLs) – including UK/Nordics league the NLC. This makes KitKat the first confectionary brand partner of the NLC.  “This makes KitKat one of the farthest reaching partners we’ve ever had, and we couldn’t be happier to have them with us,” Riot said in a press release. Continue reading Riot announces main partner for 12…

why-uk-talent-is-shining-in-valorant-compared-to-csgo-–-fnatic-head-coach-mini-explains-after-fnatic-reach-stage-2-masters-grand-final ESports News UK

Why UK talent is shining in Valorant compared to CSGO – Fnatic head coach mini explains after Fnatic reach Stage 2 Masters grand final

Fnatic’s Valorant team – featuring two UK players and a UK coach – reached the grand final of the 2021 Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2 Masters this evening. They beat South Korean team NUTURN Gaming 2-1 to reach the final, where they hope to take revenge against North American side Sentinels, who beat Fnatic 2-0 earlier in round one of the upper bracket. Fnatic then fought their way through the lower bracket to make the final, beating Team Liquid – another side with UK talent – along the way. Continue reading Why UK talent is shining in Valorant compared to…

wild-rift-origin-series-announced:-riot-encourages-teams-from-the-uk,-europe-and-mena-to-take-part-in-new-e300,000-tournament ESports News UK

Wild Rift Origin Series announced: Riot encourages teams from the UK, Europe and MENA to take part in new €300,000 tournament

League of Legends: Wild Rift launched on mobile devices late last year in the UK and other regions, and now the esports side of the game is ramping up. Riot Games has announced the League of Legends: Wild Rift: Origin Series, a new tournament for Europe and MENA regions featuring a €300,000 prize pool. There will be teams from Europe (including the UK), CIS, Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) facing off in a set of monthly best-of-three double elimination competitions, running across June, July, and August, leading to an offline finals in September 2021. Continue reading Wild…

guild-esports-win-unofficial-eu-vs-na-rocket-league-showmatch-following-cancellation-of-worlds ESports News UK

Guild Esports win unofficial EU vs NA Rocket League showmatch following cancellation of Worlds

Jake Nordland recaps the latest informal installment in Rocket League’s NA v EU storyline Psyonix’s unexpected cancellation of the RLCS X World Championship, and its subsequent replacement with yet more regional tournaments, rocked the Rocket League community in April.  The eagerly awaited opportunity to answer the burning question – which is the better region – was delayed once more. And a battle of words ensued across social media. But when British Guild Esports player Joseph ‘Noly’ Kidd called French star Evan ‘M0nkeyM00n’ Rogez “100% better” than US player Jason ‘Firstkiller’ Corral on Rocket League’s official podcast First Touch, words were…

fnatic-and-team-liquid-qualify-for-valorant-masters-lan-in-iceland ESports News UK

Fnatic and Team Liquid qualify for Valorant Masters LAN in Iceland

What’s been a top weekend for UK esports so far is just getting better and better. Two Valorant esports teams featuring a host of UK talent have qualified for the world’s first international Valorant LAN. Team Liquid and Fnatic will be the two European representatives at the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2021: Stage 2 Masters, which takes place in Reykjavík, Iceland from May 24th to 30th. They beat Oxygen Esports and Gambit Esports 2-0 respectively today in the EMEA Stage 2 Challengers Finals, and will be playing one another in the grand final of that tournament tomorrow (May 2nd). Continue…

esports-firm-esl-‘on-standby’-for-more-banter-after-being-mistaken-for-football’s-european-super-league:-“it-was-such-a-surprise-for-our-social-media-team!” ESports News UK

Esports firm ESL ‘on standby’ for more banter after being mistaken for football’s European Super League: “It was such a surprise for our social media team!”

The so-called European Super League has dominated headlines and conversations across the world this week – and given ESL’s social media team an unexpected headache in the process. The proposed breakaway football league was to adopt a US-style franchise model with 20 clubs across Europe taking part, including English Premier League sides Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man United and Man City, but plans for the league are up in the air after clubs dropped out following fan backlash. Continue reading Esports firm ESL ‘on standby’ for more banter after being mistaken for football’s European Super League: “It was such a…

european-commission-fines-valve,-bethesda,-capcom-and-others-e7.8-million-over-geo-blocking VG247

European Commission fines Valve, Bethesda, Capcom and others €7.8 million over geo-blocking

Companies found to be in violation of anti-trust law.The European Commission has fined six publishing giants over the geo-blocking of Steam keys.In a post on its website, the EC said that it was fining Valve, as well as Bandai Namco, Capcom, Focus Home, Koch Media, and ZeniMax €7.8 million following an investigation into whether they had breached European anti-trust rules.In short, the European Commission took issue with the fact that publishers could set keys for Steam to only be activated in certain countries. This goes against the concept of the European Digital Single Market.Of the publishers fined, Valve was the…