Euro Truck Simulator 2

euro-truck-simulator-2’s-photo-mode-is-getting-better Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Euro Truck Simulator 2’s photo mode is getting better

It’s been a while since I’ve booted up Euro Truck Simulator 2 and gone for a relaxing drive myself, but it remains just so delightfully wholesome. These people, they love trucks. After update 1.40 revamped the game’s lighting system back in March, developers SCS Software have been working on a revamp of the game’s photo mode. When 1.41 launches, you’ll now be able to fiddle with the time of day and the weather, so you can capture your truck looking its best. Read more

euro-truck-simulator-2’s-iberian-dlc-is-out-now Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Euro Truck Simulator 2’s Iberian DLC is out now

Euro Truck Simulator 2‘s Iberia DLC is out now, adding Spain and Portugal to the expansive driving game. That includes major new cities including Porto, Madrid and Barcelona, plus the Tabernas Desert, and new resources to ship such as automobiles. There’s a recent trailer below that let’s you take in the sights. Read more